IoT Thermostat

Ayla Networks, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, announced that it has worked with smart energy management company Encycle Corp. to create a new IoT thermostat for United Technologies Electronic Controls (UTEC). The innovative new thermostat will help commercial and light-industrial buildings reduce energy costs and keep occupants more comfortable.

The connected thermostat from UTEC takes advantage of Ayla’s IoT software, which enables building operators and owners to utilize Encycle’s energy-management algorithms to operate buildings more efficiently and potentially realize cost savings.

“Ayla’s IoT platform integrated easily with Encycle’s energy-demand management system,” said Michael Roher, general manager, HVAC control systems, UTEC. “That ease of integration greatly accelerated the commercial release of our thermostat.”

“Ayla’s IoT platform allows manufacturers such as UTEC to get secure, reliable, connected products to market with minimal time, cost and effort,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “With Ayla’s IoT data analytics, real-world data can be collected from the new UTEC thermostat installations to monitor operations, make software improvements and create additional benefits for building managers.”

The new thermostat integrates Ayla’s platform with Encycle’s Swarm Energy Management system for energy demand management, which enables building operators and owners to employ algorithms that deliver energy and cost savings while ensuring the comfort of their occupants.

“It was evident throughout the engineering and development process for UTEC’s new connected thermostat that our partnership with Ayla was creating a new level of available energy services for connected thermostats,” said Robert Chiste, president and CEO of Encycle.

The new UTEC thermostat is expected to be available in Feb. 2016 and will be marketed under a number of different brands.

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