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Ayla Networks, a global IoT platform for manufacturers, announced that it is collaborating with Ozner Water International Holding to expand the Chinese company’s leading position in smart connected water filtration systems.

Ozner, a leading water purification company in China, is leveraging Ayla’s IoT cloud platform to better manage and maintain its smart-connected water filtration systems and to support global expansion beyond the Chinese market. The Ayla IoT platform provides not only the security and reliability Ozner requires, but also the global reach to manage devices in multiple geographies, including both China and international markets.

“Ozner is a fast-growing company that is a leader in its market in China,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “We are excited to work with them to help expand into international markets, and we share their vision of leveraging the IoT to take a leadership position in providing better, safer products.”

Ozner uses cloud connectivity to identify and solve system malfunctions in its connected products and to monitor filter cartridges for replacements.

“With Ayla’s technology, Ozner can very efficiently launch new connected products in international markets that maintain the high degree of quality our customers expect,” said Xiao Shu, chairman of the board and CEO of Ozner. “We are able to leverage remote monitoring and control capabilities to maintain our products and to make sure our customers have a clean, safe experience with their water.”

Ayla’s highly configurable IoT platform, along with its fully integrated Ayla Insights business intelligence and analytics platform, enables Ozner to rapidly evolve its connected product line based on real-world data about actual customer requirements. Additionally, Ayla’s platform allows Ozner to connect its customers to applications from leading Chinese social networks, such as Weixin (offered as WeChat outside China).

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