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Afero, Inc. announced that the company is working with BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. (BNSI), one of the world’s largest makers of toys and video games, to curate and develop a new generation of connected entertainment products. By using the Afero platform, BNSI will be able to securely build IoT capabilities into its products and games in order to entertain and delight customers in new ways.

“BANDAI NAMCO Group has a history of making iconic toys and games that bring big smiles to people all around the world,” said Joe Britt, CEO of Afero. “We built Afero to inspire companies like BANDAI NAMCO Group to explore and rethink how technology can be used for fun, and are excited that BNSI’s creative and engineering teams have selected our platform to power their IoT initiatives.”

BNSI continues to reimagine the entertainment industry. The company has always been committed to delivering the most creative, innovative, and cutting-edge toys and games for their millions of customers. Now, the Afero platform will unlock newfound gaming capabilities to take Bandai’s safe, fun, and kid-friendly connected products to the next level.

“At BNSI, we continually challenge ourselves to foster dreams and inspire people worldwide. The best reward is seeing people of all ages enjoy something we have worked so hard on,” said Hajime Nakatani, CEO of BNSI. “BNSI is proud to collaborate with Afero in finding new ways to bring the next generation of connected products and features to our customers.”

Afero provides companies and developers with a comprehensive platform that encompasses the three key building blocks for all connected devices: the product, the mobile application, and scalable cloud services. Together, these building blocks enable companies and developers to deliver innovations faster to the marketplace by reducing the complexity and providing a secure connection between devices and trusted data in the cloud.

Afero was built with security as a cornerstone. The platform provides mutual authentication so that all incoming and outgoing data is continuously encrypted and never exchanged without proven identity. The team built Afero to address the problem of a rapidly growing and fragmenting smart device industry.

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About Afero

Created by mobile and hardware veterans from Google, Apple, Nest, Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix, Afero is a comprehensive and secure platform for cloud-connected devices in any industry. The Afero turnkey architecture incorporates a secure Bluetooth® Smart module, scalable cloud services, and a range of development tools that enable companies and developers to quickly prototype, build connected devices, and gather meaningful analytics. We connect your smart devices and enable them to work together. Afero empowers entrepreneurs and companies to improve the way people communicate with each other and everything around them.

About BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. is an entertainment content developer, known for its famous game franchises like PAC-MAN, Tekken, and Ace Combat, published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. We continually provide entertainment content that brings smiles and happiness to people around the globe. We are part of BANDAI NAMCO bGroup, Japan’s No. 1 entertainment business company.