Entrepreneurs and inventors looking to make a splash using streaming data now have a new, low-cost option for advanced analytics: MIOsoft Corporation’s Barrage service, which opened for public signup Oct. 1.

Most established event analytics services use thresholds to identify interesting events, evaluating incoming data based on magnitude alone. A startup needing more nuanced event detection previously had few options but to pour resources into building a custom analytics tool.

It was this gap between affordable threshold services and expensive custom solutions that led MIOsoft to create Barrage. Barrage eschews thresholds in favor of pattern analysis: an approach to event detection where events are defined using multiple characteristics of the data, including magnitude, rate of change, and duration.

“Responsiveness to the environment is a defining feature of the Internet of Things,” said Bert Barabas, MIOsoft’s CTO. “But you can only respond effectively if you have alerts that are both high-information and real-time. As soon as you need to respond to more than one type of event, threshold alerts aren’t good enough: was an alert triggered by thunder, or an alarm? With patterns your alerts can make those important distinctions.”

A Barrage account is free for up to two databases, and includes 2.5 million values per month streaming, 1 million total stored values, and unlimited patterns and alerts. Additional account tiers, which will allow users more values and databases, are in development. Barabas said prices for upgraded tiers will begin at $10/month.

“Making Barrage affordable was a deliberate development choice for us,” said Barabas. “We wanted it to be accessible to innovators at every level, including those without traditional technical backgrounds or major VC funding.”

Although Barrage is primarily marketed toward customers whose data originates from sensor and IoT devices, it can store and analyze any time-series data, including web and transaction logs.

Barrage recently won the first place award for Best Big Data Solution at the DATA+ conference held by Computerwoche in Hamburg, Germany.

Interested users can sign up for a Barrage account at

About MIOsoft

MIOsoft Corporation was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. MIOsoft has a worldwide presence through MIOsoft Deutschland GmbH in Hamburg, Germany and MIOsoft (Beijing) Corporation in Beijing, China.