Basho Technologies announced that they, in collaboration with Cisco, have developed a framework enabling the Riak KV NoSQL database to run on Apache Mesos, bringing operational efficiency and high-elasticity to big data services. The integration with Mesos, an open-source resource manager from the Apache Software Foundation, automates the data center infrastructure beneath Riak KV instances. Pairing Mesos with Riak’s own automation and orchestration technology allows enterprise businesses to deploy distributed data services at global scale in support of next generation Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data applications, while ensuring efficient utilization of cloud resources.

Riak KV is a highly available, distributed database that remains operationally efficient at global scale. By integrating with Mesos, customers no longer need to make guesses about the infrastructure requirements of the Riak nodes as resource management is optimized by Mesos. With Riak KV managing the data tier and Mesos managing the underlying infrastructure, customers now have access to a highly efficient and easily scalable distributed data platform. The integration also allows for true “push button” scale up/scale down as Mesos can aggregate and re-aggregate resources for/from Riak nodes. Users will be able to write scripts to make scale up/down events automatic based on business logic, providing the unique ability for enterprises to auto-scale a global, multi-data center database.

“Enabling Riak KV with Mesos on Intercloud, we can seamlessly and efficiently manage the cloud resources required by a globally scalable NoSQL database, allowing us to provide the back-end for large-scale data processing, web, mobile and IoT applications. This integration will accelerate developers’ ability to create innovative new cloud services for the Intercloud — the globally connected network of clouds Cisco is building with its partners, which will offer cloud services to help customers capture the multitude of opportunities created by the Internet of Everything (IoE),” said Ken Owens, Chief Technology Officer for Cisco Intercloud Services. “We’re making it easier for customers to develop and deploy highly complex, distributed applications for big data and IoT.”

Mesos, which provides efficient resource scheduling and sharing across multi-data center environments, decides how many resources to offer each framework, like Riak KV, and what application to execute on the available physical resources. With Mesos integration, users can easily scale an application from one to thousands of instances in minutes. Basho is developing an open source integration with Mesos that will also be commercialized around a supported enterprise offering. Basho also plans to incorporate the resource management capabilities of Mesos as a Core Service offering of the Basho Data Platform.

“Companies using traditional architectures are struggling to accommodate the need for distributed applications and distributed data services,” said Dave McCrory, Chief Technology Officer at Basho. “By combining Basho’s Riak KV with Mesos, we’re able to deliver an easy-to-deploy platform for real-time data processing. We thereby enable a new class of modern data center developers who can break free of infrastructure restraints and give rise to a whole new class of hyper-scale applications.”

Basho will demonstrate the beta framework for Riak KV running on Mesos at MesosCon, in the Basho booth and in the Cisco booth, which is set to take place August 20-21, 2015 in Seattle, Washington. Stop by the Basho booth #209 or the Cisco booth to learn more.

About Basho Technologies

Basho Technologies, Inc. is a distributed systems company dedicated to developing disruptive technology that simplifies enterprises’ most critical data management challenges. Basho has attracted one of the most talented groups of engineers and technical experts ever assembled devoted exclusively to solving some of the most complex issues presented by scaling distributed systems and enjoys a large and growing following among influential programmers, architects and academics.

Basho’s distributed database software, Riak KV, the industry leading distributed NoSQL database software, and Basho’s cloud storage software, Riak S2, are used by fast-growing Web businesses and by one-third of the Fortune 50 to power their critical Web, mobile and social applications, and their public and private cloud platforms. The Basho Data Platform was recently introduced to help enterprises control and simplify distributed Big Data.

Basho is the organizer of RICON – a distributed systems conference.

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