BD announced adoption of Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) operating system (OS) for its enterprise-wide Pyxis™ ES System.  The new OS provides long-term support and enhanced cybersecurity for health systems’ automated dispensing and medication management solutions.

Windows 10 IoT in the Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) offers a 10-year support package, active security patches and options to upgrade when Microsoft offers new OS features every two to three years. Extending the life-cycle of the OS will be an important enabler as BD transforms from hardware-based product upgrade cycles to more dynamic software-based innovations and technology enhancements for continuous improvement in usability and performance.   

“This specific OS design was requested and championed by BD in collaboration with Microsoft and other health care vendors to reduce disruption to our customers that occurs with embedded OS upgrades every four to five years,” said  Ranjeet Banerjee, worldwide president of Medication Management Solutions for BD. “With fewer upgrade disruptions and more regular technology advancements, health care providers will enjoy greater focus on their chief objective of improving patient health, while BD drives innovation to enable safer, simpler and more effective medication management — from medication reconciliation at the pharmacy to medication administration at the bedside —  across the continuum of care. This is the first of many innovations we plan to deliver through our deep collaboration with Microsoft across our feature-rich platforms.”

BD is also engaged in early testing of the Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 pre-releases in order to ensure Pyxis medication management technologies are consistently updated with the latest, most robust releases of Microsoft technologies.

“Microsoft is committed to advancing the Internet-of-Things by collaborating with industry leaders like BD to help them provide the most comprehensive medication management technology for the global health care market,” said Doug Smith, senior director of product marketing, Windows,  Microsoft Corp. “Adding Windows 10 IoT to the Pyxis™ ES System ensures a longer lifecycle for medication management connected devices and provides greater stability, fewer upgrades and customer disruptions while still keeping devices updated with state-of-art security and the newest technology features. This is a great example of how our longstanding collaboration with BD has allowed us deep insights into the needs of health organizations and how best to support enterprise-wide connected solutions with Microsoft technologies.”

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