Big Cloud Analytics, Inc. (BCA) announces it is working with Intel Corporation to showcase Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the new Lockheed Martin Healthcare Technology Alliance. The recently formed alliance is comprised of leading health information technology providers, medical technology companies and academic institutions. Its purpose is to foster collaboration and innovation to improve care in rapidly evolving and growing areas of health technology such as those that secure patient medical information and apply big data solutions to improve public health. 

The alliance will highlight solutions co-developed by BCA and Intel that incorporate the use of sensors and wearable devices with other data streams to facilitate the collection of patient level data and associated analytic platforms and tools for better understanding individual and population health. The jointly developed solutions originate with BCA’s real-time health analytics platform powered by COVALENCE™ technology, a patent pending customer intelligence engine, which runs on the Intel® Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway. Currently, global insurers leverage the platform to measure the well-being of their insured by examining such factors as the effects that environmental weather patterns have on behavior or the correlations of activity levels to sleep quality.

“BCA is proud to co-develop one of the featured solutions this alliance will bring to market,” says J. Patrick Bewley, CEO, Big Cloud Analytics. “The alliance is revolutionizing the health tech space, and together we are using a combination of proven analytic methods with new technology and data to support disruptive use cases.”

The solutions, which will require incorporating information gathered at the population level with the many unique characteristics, needs and preferences of individual patients, will be offered to healthcare industry providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies.

“Intel is pleased to join this alliance and work with BCA to bring optimized technologies and solutions to help drive transformation in health and life sciences,” says Jennifer Esposito, General Manager of Health and Life Sciences Sales and Marketing at Intel. “We are developing solutions for this alliance that harness the power of massive amounts of data to make treatment decisions and define care plans for individuals in order to achieve the ultimate goal of making healthcare more personal.”

The Lockheed Martin Healthcare Technology Alliance’s founding members include: Cisco, Cloudera, Illumina, Intel and Montgomery College. For additional information on the alliance, please visit

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