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Billion Electric, the leading provider of network equipment and power supply in Asia Pacific, will exhibit at Computex, the most iconic ICT tradeshow in Asia, from May 31st to June 4th. With the growing popularity of 4G/LTE technology, Billion launches M500, 4G/LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router with dual LTE module and dual SIM cards, supporting rapid upload/download rate and WiFi hotspot service that enable remote Internet browsing and video streaming. Certificated by E-MARK(EI), M500 features universal 10-56V DV Power Input, OBD, GPS/GLONASS and ignition functionalities to monitor remotely driving direction, speed and drivers’ behavior to improve overall smart bus and fleet management experiences.

Billion M100, 4G/LTE industrial router, enhances the Internet stability by integrating with high-speed Ethernet, RS-232 serial interface, Auto Failover functionalities, 4G/LTE broadband internet access, multi-WAN interfaces, including single SIM card, radio and EWAN features. With compact exterior design, M100 can operate in different industrial applications such as remote surveillance, vending machine, POS (Point Of Sale), and SCADA.

Billion also launches a series of 4G/LTE outdoor routers which support dual-band 4×4 802.11ac/n/a (5GHz) and 2×2 802.11n/g/b (2.4GHz). Designed with the IP67 industrial enclosure, BiPAC 4700 series can optimize the internet coverage and transmission rate during the most challenging polar and desert-like climate weathers. For business and household users, Billion’s carrier grade 4G/LTE, VDSL, ADSL2+ Fiber routers customized with VPN, Dual-SIMs, EWAN, QoS and VOIP features that can cater to different networking applications.

Billion SEMS, collaborated with smart meters, gateway, and cloud computing, can remotely monitor electrical appliances, diagnose abnormal and aging equipment, and save up to 30% power consumption by showing efficiency and energy consumption data in real-time. Billion SG6500, embedded with Zigbee, dual WAN, DSL, and broadband 3G/4G Failover, can act as a universal communication backbone for system integrators to develop versatile IoT solutions.

Last but not least, Billion LCMS can showcase detailed streetlight status on a web-based interface. Incorporating temperature, humidity, PM 2.5 and luminance sensors, LCMS™ supports a variety of value-added applications such as IP camera, auto-dimming, street billboard and public signage to cities via the existing powerline infrastructure.

“Governments around the world have listed Smart City as city’s competitiveness. Billion has developed a diversified range of ICT and Energy Management product lines to help cities improve their competitive strength while achieving the goal of creating a more connected, sustainable society,” said Ted Ho, CTO at Billion Electric.

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