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During the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona, attendees will be introduced to the newest products from Binatone Global, the official global Motorola licensee of pet and baby monitoring products, at booth 7F81.

The Motorola SCOUT2500 and SCOUT5000 collars are the latest wearable technology that allows owners to stay connected with their pets. Utilizing the latest app from Hubble Connected, these products make it easy to keep an eye on your furry friends with features such as GPRS location, live video streaming, and instant motion and sound and bark notifications.

The SCOUT2500 allows owners to track their pet and pinpoint their exact location using GPS. The SCOUT2500 also allows users to set up geo-fencing for their pet through the Hubble app. Launching in summer 2015, the SCOUT2500 will retail for $99.

Designed for slightly larger dogs, the SCOUT5000 provides all the great functionality of the SCOUT2500 with the added benefit of a camera and audio communication features. Owners can see the world through their dog’s eyes with a 4K Wi-Fi® camera built into the collar. Using the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app, the SCOUT5000 can stream video directly from the collar to the owner’s compatible smartphone*. The live stream footage can even be recorded in 720p on an SD card.

The SCOUT5000 also allows owners to communicate with their dogs like never before with a built-in speaker and two-way audio. Pet owners are able to communicate with their canine from anywhere in world by speaking through the new Hubble app, created to stream video and audio from these Motorola products directly to the user’s smartphone.

The Motorola SCOUT5000 is water-resistant, robust and available in an array of styles and colors to fit your pet’s personality. The product will come with a free one-year service for real GPS tracking via GPRS, meaning that the owner can locate the dog wherever they are. The SCOUT5000 will retail for $199.


“We are pleased to introduce this new integrated technology that will change the way pet owners communicate with their pets,” said Dino Lalvani, Chairman of Binatone Global. “Users will be able to communicate with their pet via the SCOUT5000 from anywhere in the world as well as track exactly where they are at all times.”

The Hubble app makes it easy to stay connected with your favorite people, pets and places. The app is part of Hubble Connected’s range of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions that will be showcased at MWC in March.

“Hubble is a unique new service that enables industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to rapidly and seamlessly integrate their products to The Cloud,” said Craig Smith, CEO of Hubble. “Nothing like this currently exists on the market and we are excited to introduce it to consumers.”

Also on showcase at MWC will be the Motorola FOCUS1000, a portable Wi-Fi HD Lifestyle Video Camera. The new FOCUS1000 offers wireless functionality through Wi-Fi connectivity, BLE connection to mobile and other BLE control devices. The camera also utilizes one-touch operation, hands-free mode, a wide field-of-view, a high-res optical sensor (16MP Low Lux Sensor Shoots 2K @ 30fps and 1080p @ 60fps Videos), a built-in microphone and speaker, a SD slot for saving videos, long lasting battery power, durable water resistant casing, and more.

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* Requires wireless connection to the internet and a compatible viewing device.