At first, there was an idea which was so crazy that not everybody believed that it would be possible to create a device which can automatically segregate waste. Today, we know that everything is possible – the first ever smart waste bin has just left the workshop and started making new history in the approach to segregation and protection of our planet! It will be possible to see BINe in action for the first time during this year’s Pioneers’17 in Vienna.

Almost two years ago, a team from Poznań started working on an smart device which would make life of many of us come true – identifying, categorising, sorting and compressing waste. It become hot issue – there were the biggest startup scenes, rewards for an innovative idea, but also, much doubts whether or not such a waste bin can be made at all.

BINe is the first really smart bin in the world, so no wonder that the most important event concerning technological innovations in the world – Pioneers’17 – was chosen for its premiere. Over 2500 people come to Vienna each year to join the Pioneers who create the world of modern technologies and shape future world. This is just the perfect place that joins the world of business with innovators for cooperation.

“I am happy that BINe’s premiere will take place exactly at Pioneers’17. The possibility to present our product to that publicity is excited. Everyone will have the chance to test our device, since it will be standing right in the middle of the catering zone. We couldn’t wish for a better place than this! We still have a lot of work – improvement and development, but this event power us up”, added BINe CTO – Marcin Łotysz.

BINe has attracted a strategic partner and investor – Inno Energy, in February this year. This allowed to speed up the works, owing to people with passion, character, but, above all, with knowledge from the scope of modern technologies. The team has spent hundreds of hours on perfecting the construction details, but, most of all, on something that makes BINe the smartest waste bin in the world. This is an unique waste identification system and its automatic sorting, integrated with the IOT platform monitoring all of the device processes.

“We are very lucky that we have found people to our team. From the beginning we believed that our vision would be true. It wouldn’t be possible without the work of a whole team of talented people. This is also the moment of their success, thanks!”, adds CEO Jakub Luboński.

The prototype and its premiere are the next completed stage. Focusing on the European markets is one of the basic assumptions of the BINe development strategy, thus the presence in Vienna.

“A number of people have contributed to the fact that we are at this exact place. The preparations lasted for several months, but premiering on such a spectacular scale is really something. I want to thank Piotr Piasek from Wolves Summit for the recommendation which allowed us to be favorably viewed by the organizers. Many potential partners, customers and investors from all around the world will come to meet us there. We hope for another decisive step into the future. The BINe’s world will expand with more great people, whom are concerned with clean technologies and changes necessary for future world”, Jakub concludes.

The event at which BINe will finally debut starts on the first of June in Hofburg – the former imperial palace in the centre of Vienna. The next step will be the implementation of the pilot production of the devices into one of the offices in Poland. After the test phase, the device is to be prepared for mass production and sale to customers in Germany, France and Benelux countries. A new era in recycling is coming.