Bit Stew Systems announced the launch of a new, global Partner Program that enables the IoT ecosystem encompassing software, infrastructure and service companies to bring Bit Stew’s products and services to new markets.

Partners in the program will enjoy the benefits of in-depth technical and sales-enablement training, marketing support, financial incentives for referrals and ongoing revenue opportunities from subscription software sales and managed services offerings.

“With the launch of the Bit Stew Partner Program we want to give partners looking to maximize their potential in the IoT market the ability to embed and resell MIx Core™ and MIx Director Suite™, gaining powerful capabilities for integrating and analyzing massive industrial data sets, so they can help their own customers gain greater value from the Industrial Internet of Things,” says Jett Winter, EVP, Business Development, at Bit Stew Systems.

Scott Harden, VP, Strategic Alliances, at Bit Stew says, “The new Partner Program enables our partners to take Bit Stew’s powerful platform for industrial data, customize it, extend its functionality through new applications and bring it into additional vertical industries and geographic markets – wherever they see an opportunity for their customers to benefit.”

Four partner tracks accommodate different business models

The company’s new partner program is designed to accommodate different business models, with partnership tracks for software OEMs, resellers, systems integrators and application developers. Depending on their business model, partners can: white label Bit Stew’s technology and integrate it into their own solutions to give their customers improved data integration and analysis capabilities; enjoy additional revenue streams through reselling or offering managed services of Bit Stew’s technology; integrate, customize and implement Bit Stew’s technology; or they can develop their own applications on the MIx Core platform to sell to industrial organizations.

Partners access Bit Stew’s MIx Developer Network

Additionally, Bit Stew partners can enjoy access to the MIx Developer Network (MDN) where they can collaborate with other developers, learn best practices and leverage online development environments for building new applications or testing solution integrations within a live environment. The MDN offers resources, tools, training, certification and ongoing community engagement to enable software professionals to create new capabilities – from insightful visualizations of complex data to entirely new applications with data analytics and workflow. Bit Stew partners can apply to beta test the MIx Developer Network today.

Highlighting Bit Stew’s Partners

At it’s launch, a number of companies are already involved in the new Bit Stew Partner Program, including Aclara, Blackstone Technology Group, CapGemini, Cisco, DB Results, GE, Gray Matter Systems, Greenbird, Harris Utilities, OSI Consulting, RoviSys, Solekai, Trilliant and more. In addition, Bit Stew partners with several technology companies like OSI Soft, ESRI, Amazon Web Services, and Hortonworks to optimize the performance of the MIx Core platform working in heterogeneous data environments.

Aclara – Aclara is a supplier of smart infrastructure solutions to water, gas and electric utilities. The company’s solutions incorporate a range of sensors, communications and analytic technologies that let utilities monitor their distribution networks, optimize operations, respond to issues quickly and preempt problems.

“By integrating the powerful data aggregation and visualization capabilities of Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform into our solutions, we’ve been able to expand our portfolio and offer more advanced operational analytics capabilities to our customers,” said Makary Tarnoff, VP Marketing and Product Management at Aclara. “As an OEM partner we’ve also benefited from leveraging the application development environment provided by the MIx Developer Network to enhance our Fault Detection and Localization solution with the powerful data integration and visualization capabilities of MIx Core.”

Gray Matter Systems – Gray Matter Systems is a leading provider of process automation and data management solutions for the manufacturing, water/wastewater, oil and gas, food and beverage, and power generation industries.

“The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has moved from vision to reality in our core markets, and partnering with Bit Stew will allow us to further help our customers capture and analyze data from the IIoT so they can make smarter decisions and increase automation,” said James Gillespie, CEO of Gray Matter Systems. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer Bit Stew’s MIx solutions to our customers because they solve the data integration and analysis challenges that so many industrial organizations are facing today.”

DB Results – Headquartered in Australia, DB Results provides a broad range of consulting, technology and operations capabilities for the utilities industry.

“Our partnership with Bit Stew has enabled us to expand our solutions portfolio to now include advanced operational analytics, giving us the opportunity to deliver greater value to our customers and earn additional revenue,” said Matt Nidd, Utility Industry Lead, DB Results. “By leveraging Bit Stew’s technology, we’re able to help our utilities customers quickly unify and interpret complex data feeds from smart metering and grid operations, proactively forecast asset performance and lifespan and provide predictive servicing of critical expensive assets.”

Greenbird Integration Technology – Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Greenbird is a systems integrator and software technology provider serving the utilities, oil and gas, transportation and logistics, and other sectors. The company offers with Metercloud a hybrid cloud platform for big data integration applications empowering smart grids, smart cities and the industrial IoT.

“As members of Bit Stew’s Partner Program, we’ve been able to leverage the MIx Developer Network to integrate our Ghostwriter Smart Grid Simulation application with the MIx Core platform, creating a joint solution for simulating and modeling smart metering networks,” said Thorsten Heller, CEO, Greenbird. “We’re now able to offer DSOs and utilities a platform for quickly integrating data and ensuring that all business applications are running properly before they start deploying their smart meters.”

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About Bit Stew Systems

Bit Stew is building the premier platform for handling complex data integration, data analysis, and predictive automation for connected devices on the Industrial Internet. Through data-driven automation, Bit Stew Systems removes the complexity of industrial operations and connected machines to give clarity and control back to operations. Purpose-built for the Industrial Internet, Bit Stew’s MIx Core™ Platform automates data ingestion, applies machine intelligence to learn patterns in the data, allowing industrial companies to discover actionable insights that optimize operational performance. In 2015, Bit Stew was named to Greentech Media’s Grid Edge 20 list, as one of the top 20 innovators architecting the future of the electric power industry, and as one of the Top 100 Analytics Companies by Forbes Magazine. Incorporated in 2009, Bit Stew is a venture-backed private company that is headquartered in Canada with offices in the USA, Australia and Europe.