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Bit Stew Systems, developer of the premier data intelligence platform for solving the data integration challenge in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has announced the general availability of the MIx Catalog, a cloud-based library of reusable plugins that accelerate Industrial IoT application development for our customers and partners.

Bit Stew’s partners and customers use the MIx Catalog to find, share and use plugins, which include data services, adapters, analytic libraries, and data models. Plugins remove the complexity of building industrial applications that address specific use cases. Users can access the MIx Catalog to build additional functionality on top of Bit Stew’s MIx Core™ platform for specific Industrial IoT projects.

Accelerate Time To Value for IIoT Projects

It usually takes months to develop Industrial IoT project functionality. The MIx Catalog offers reusable plugins that address common Industrial IoT problems, following a cohesive design philosophy. The MIx Catalog allows developers to easily download and test plugins on the MIx Core platform, helping them rapidly scale up Industrial IoT projects with a building block approach. By leveraging plugins for common and complicated components of an application, users can spend more time improving the business outcome and user experience.

“The MIx Catalog allows you to easily download and test common functionality to accelerate your Industrial IoT data project so you can spend more time creating innovative solutions to solve big industrial problems,” saysChris Bowman, Senior Product Manager, MIx Technology at Bit Stew Systems. “The Catalog is the extensibility point to our MIx Core platform, which means industry-specific content will also coalesce like protocols and analytics, greatly reducing time to market for application developers.”

OSI Consulting: Resuable Services Help Reduce Development Time

“We were able to significantly reduce development time for our customer by leveraging existing plugins and templates available on Bit Stew’s MIx Catalog,” said Kai Hui, Chief Architect of IIoT Solutions at OSI Consulting. “We successfully built a theft analysis workbench for a large energy customer, a process that would have taken much longer without the reusable plugins available in the MIx Catalog. The Catalog also provided the ability to leverage solutions built specifically for energy use cases by simply configuring them for our customer.”

Discover Value Quickly from Your Data

Gain a competitive advantage by discovering value from data more quickly with an iterative approach to application development. Dynamic Adapter plugins enable users to quickly ingest and manage complex industrial data without custom-built connectors. The MIx Catalog also provides data science and analytic library plugins to help execute advanced analytics for business and operations. The MIx Catalog offers an easy way to quickly realize functionality that would have previously taken weeks, if not months.

Chris adds, “Don’t reinvent the wheel. It might just be the case that someone else has already solved your problem with an easily configured plugin that’s available in the MIx Catalog. Leverage the industrial knowledge of experts who have already developed solutions for their industry vertical.”

Access the Bit Stew’s MIx Catalog

The MIx Developer Network (MDN) includes all the tools and resources necessary to build, test and implement your first plugin, and be well on the path to building your Industrial IoT solution. The MIx Catalog is available through any cloud-based instance of the platform and MDN using MIx Core version 10 and Grid Director version 4. The Catalog has been fully integrated with MIx Core and the MDN. This allows seamless download, installation, configuration, and management of plugins, as well as upload and publishing capabilities to the Catalog from MIx Core and the MDN. If you are not a member of the MDN, Bit Stew customers and partners should apply to join and learn more about the tools & training available.

Bit Stew Live Demo Series: How to Scale Industrial IoT
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