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Engage Black, the security business unit of Engage Communication, announced that consumer appliance and Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers are turning to the BlackVault HSM (“Hardware Security Module”) to secure the identity of their products and safeguard their brands.

Increasingly, consumer appliances are joining IoT devices as network elements with sophisticated embedded software and a footprint in the cloud. This makes them susceptible to both hacking by criminals, insiders, and others, and counterfeiting by unscrupulous manufacturers. Faced with these risks, appliance and IoT manufacturers are embedding cryptographic keys in their devices to facilitate identity management. But the evolving sophistication of attackers has resulted in numerous incidents of stolen and compromised keys, tarnishing brand reputations and impacting their bottom line.

Because of this, security conscious manufacturers are adopting HSMs to create, store and maintain their cryptographic keys. This is the case in the Automotive Industry, where one manufacturer initiated a program to bring HSMs into their production process. After a thorough market analysis, they selected the BlackVault HSM. This powerful yet intuitive platform was a perfect fit, with its unique single trust path authentication, quorum enforcement, touch screen administration, and FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ physical security.

”With consumer and IoT devices enhancing more and more of our lives, it’s no longer unusual to think of networked home appliances, cars, factory systems and critical public infrastructure,” said Mark Doyle, Engage President and CEO. “Now more than ever, it’s critical to protect the identity of these devices and the brands of their manufacturers. The BlackVault HSM is the right tool to safeguard the cryptographic keys that play such a vital part in this mission.”

The BlackVault platform is also available as a code signing appliance, BlackVault CYNR; and as a certificate authority appliance, BlackVault CA. The BlackVault HSM supports PKCS#11, JAVA (JCE), and Microsoft CAPI / CNG cryptographic libraries and for code signing applications is compatible with Microsoft Authenticode, Eclipse, Android Studio and other build applications.

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