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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced 2016 dates for Blue University LIVE, a global series of full-day training sessions for developers new to Bluetooth technology. Blue University LIVE will show developers how to build and connect Bluetooth enabled products. The in-person training sessions arm developers with the tools and resources needed to turn ideas into reality for the Internet of Things (IoT).

“The unique features of Bluetooth – its ubiquity, interoperability, and open structure – make it possible for developers to create secure, scalable connections,” said Steve Hegenderfer, director of developer programs, Bluetooth SIG. “Blue University LIVE builds on the widespread use of Bluetooth Developer Studio, and teaches developers how to significantly cut build time and bring products to market faster than ever. Together with our members, we will deliver a future that is effortlessly connected.”

Bluetooth, projected to ship over 5 billion devices in 2021, is an essential connection for the IoT. Blue University LIVE covers the entire process of development, from initial coding to marketing. Led by industry experts, working sessions include using the Bluetooth Developer Studio, creating sample code, implementing code, building mobile applications, and Bluetooth SIG product qualification requirements.

Platinum sponsors for Blue University LIVE include Allion Test Labs, Dialog Semiconductor, Ellisys, Insight SiP, Nordic Semiconductor, and Teledyne LeCroy. All session attendees will receive a downloadable sample project, sample code, and developer kits from Nordic Semiconductor and Dialog Semiconductor.

Upcoming Blue University LIVE dates include: 5 May 2016 in Shenzhen, China; 24 May 2016 in San Jose, CA; 9 June 2016 in Berlin, Germany; 22 September 2016 in Austin, TX; 27 September 2016 in Seoul, South Korea; 29 September 2016 in Tokyo, Japan; and 4 October 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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