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Bluvision, a complete IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider and the market leader in sensor beacons has partnered with global IT provider SITA to equip Miami International Airport (MIA) with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware infrastructure required to facilitate wayfinding capabilities in the airport’s recently upgraded mobile app.

The new localized app, MIA Airport Official 2.0, uses a network of over 550 Bluvision sensor beacons and Bluetooth-to-WiFi gateways (BluFis) installed throughout MIA. The sensor beacons and gateways identify the passenger’s precise location and use Blue-Dot beacon functionality to help them navigate through the airport. Bluvision’s beacons and BluFis are easy and quick to install, come with a low cost of ownership and are capable of delivering accuracy greater than one-meter. The combination of beacons and BluFis also allow for creating unique geofences so airports can recognize and greet repeat passengers and gain visibility into history of movement enabling predictive analysis and customized passenger experience.

“MIA Airport Official 2.0, our upgraded mobile app, is the latest example of how we are leveraging new technology to make travel through our airport easier than ever before,” said Maurice Jenkins, Information Systems and Telecommunications Director at MIA. “Thanks to Bluvision’s sensor beacons and geo-fence technology, our mobile app built by SITA can now guide you from your driveway to the runway with personalized, user-friendly instructions.”

Ron Reed, Portfolio Director, SITA, said: “We chose to use Bluvision’s beacon infrastructure at Miami International Airport because of the combination of accuracy, reliability and ease of installation. As we built this app for MIA we needed to incorporate accurate location readings to ensure that the information shared with passengers is relevant to where they are in the journey through the airport. Bluvision has met that demand and together we have delivered a truly location-aware app.”

Bluvision has been providing capabilities empowered by BLE and WiFi technology to help improve the passenger experience at airports around the world. Speaking of their recent involvement at MIA, Chance Fultz, VP of Business Development – Airports, Airlines & Transportation at Bluvision said, “Miami International Airport’s decision to extend their infrastructure to the BLE layer represents a major milestone in North American airports. MIA has provided a clear path to improve the passenger’s experience on their journey, and it is extremely satisfying that Bluvision is the IoT infrastructure on which this experience is built.”

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