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Bluvision announced that all their products – sensor beacons and Bluzone (Bluvision’s cloud solution), are fully compliant with the new, open Eddystone frame type from Google. The added security measure of Eddystone-EID ensures a practical approach to security as Bluvision continues to roll out large, scalable enterprise IoT solutions focusing on tracking the location, health and performance of assets.

While the secure EID protocol was just announced today, Bluvision has worked with Google throughout the Eddystone development process, providing hardware, testing tools and BLE expertise. As a pioneer in both Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluvision brings thought leadership on how to solve real-world business problems in a secure fashion, while also bringing the underlying working knowledge of BLE security and the entire technology stack to ensure this security. Google’s EID is an elegant approach to ensuring privacy and security needed for large enterprise IoT implementations. Under the Eddystone-EID beacon standard, beacon broadcasts change frequently, and only authorized clients/devices can decode the transmission, which helps prevent spoofing, malicious asset tracking, replay attacks, or just unpermitted access. It is this shared vision for a secure transmitting platform, which has led to Bluvision’s support of Eddystone-EID.

“Security is mission critical to scaling IoT solutions in the enterprise and therefore a top priority of Bluvision.  With our deep knowledge of BLE, security, and cloud technologies, we continue to provide solutions with the security and encryption capabilities that Fortune 500 companies and large global enterprises require,” saidMatthew Johnson, CTO, Bluvision. “Eddystone-EID gives our customers a comprehensive beacon security protocol to quickly and confidently solve difficult business problems.”

Eddystone has been an integral part of Bluvision’s end-to-end solution with Bluvision beacons and sensors supporting all frames, including Eddystone URL, UID and TLM, and now using the EID security frame. Bluvision is the first Bluetooth beacon solutions provider to upgrade its entire beacon technology portfolio to support full Eddystone frames (while simultaneously supporting Apple’s iBeacon using the same beacon), including support with SDK, tools and its cloud ecosystem – Bluzone. Bluzone has built-in support for provisioning, real-time beacon managing, monitoring in real-time and interacting with beacons through its customer management system, analytics, and APIs.

For more information, visit www.bluvision.com.