Bluvision announces the first commercial beacon in production with enhanced capabilities to process internal sensor reporting data. iBEEK™ beacons have integrated the new Texas Instruments (TI) SimpleLink™ Bluetooth Smart (or BLE) CC2640 wireless MCU, enabling temperature, vibration, light and other comprehensive data sensors built or indoor location sensing.

Bluvision is first to launch Bluetooth Smart beacons using the SimpleLink CC2640 wireless MCU in its iBEEK beacon and the BluFi™ Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi® Sensor Gateway. Additionally, the gateway is powered by the TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCU module and provides an easy way to securely connect to the cloud.

“We’re excited to be working with Bluvision on the first beacon to go to production incorporating our new SimpleLink Bluetooth Smart CC2640 wireless MCU,” said Oyvind Birkenes, general manager, wireless connectivity solutions at TI. “With its small size and ultra-low power consumption, the CC2640 was designed to provide multi-year battery-life with longer range for compact end-products like Bluevision’s iBEEK beacons.”

Bluvision enterprise customers purchasing iBEEK™ beacons and/or development kits will discover longer battery life with more accurate distance ranging.

“The new Bluetooth Smart CC2640 and Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCUs open the doors to a range of advanced IoT beacons as sensors. Our iBEEK beacons are now smarter and run advanced algorithms with longer battery life and Wi-Fi cloud management connectivity,” said Jimmy Buchheim, CEO at Bluvision, Inc.

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