Bluvision, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem provider and market leader in sensor beacons, announced today that they have been awarded a patent for their groundbreaking achievement in determining Time of Flight (ToF) using Legacy Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. This technology enables to measure the distance of Bluetooth-enabled legacy phones, existing wearables and beacons.

Time of Flight is a method to measure the time it takes a packet to travel from a transmitter to a receiver. ToF is regarded as the most accurate method for measuring distance and thereby determining location. Presently, RSSI [Received Signal Strength Indication] is the method widely used with Bluetooth, Wifi and other similar technologies to determine range for indoor positioning. However, RSSI is inaccurate given signal blockage and signal absorption from various mediums including metal, walls, water, humans themselves, to name a few. Further RSSI accuracy diminishes greatly with distance.

Bluvision’s success marks the path for determining indoor location using ToF with Bluetooth LE technology going forward, bringing with it several inherent benefits including greater accuracy across a wide set of environments and greater range.

In developing ToF, Bluvision also continues to grow its strategic partnership with Texas Instruments (TI) leveraging several TI capabilities including TI’s industry leading CC2640 BLE chipset.

“Achieving Time of Flight for legacy devices is not an easy task. Our solution works with any Bluetooth enabled phone, without the need for neither a special chipset nor software on the device,” said Jimmy Buchheim, CEO, Bluvision. “ToF is considered a much superior method for determining distance compared to RSSI. Being able to do so with any BLE enabled device is a huge advantage for our future, and places Bluvision as a technology leader in the indoor location industry.”

About Bluvision

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