Bluvision and Zebra Technologies Corporation are showcasing a healthcare solution using the Zatar IoT platform and Bluvision’s iBEEK technology at RFID Journal Live! at theSan Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif.  April 15-17, 2015.

The demonstration highlights the roles RFID and Beacon technologies will play in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the simplicity of the Zatar IoT platform to enable vertical IoT solutions. This demo highlights a healthcare use case.

“Advanced IoT solutions are critical to streamlining operations in the healthcare industry,” says Thomas Kurian, senior director, New Growth Platforms, Zebra Technologies. “IoT offers great opportunities in healthcare and this use case demonstrates how it can help the industry increase patient safety and care using the Zatar standards-based IoT platform to facilitate vendor-agnostic device interoperability.”

Bluvision’s iBEEK technology incorporates multiple real-time sensors—including temperature, light, and motion tracking, enabling insights allowing enhanced management and monitoring for several areas of operations.

“Beacon sensors are important in providing ‘business intelligence’ to customers because the data gathered helps them make better, faster decisions in areas like business processes, supply chain and customer experiences,” says Lior Ganel, Bluvision’s COO. “Our IoT beacons allow enterprises to sense, control and understand the physical world by making objects smarter. The framework provided by Bluvision and Zebra will allow connecting the unconnected through intelligent beacon networks.”

Zebra Technologies will be demonstrating the solution in Booth #204 during RFID Journal Live! along with other technologies from its extensive portfolio.

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