Cyber 24-7

Cyber 24-7 covers the increasing number of cyber risks due to varied attackers worldwide and also from new opportunities such as the Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud computing linked to legacy systems. Preventative measures such as identifying and working with outside partners well in advance of an attack are outlined in an easy to read, non-technical manner. Incident response activities and after action analysis checklists provide the cyber team detailed guidance. Information sharing, government activities and interoperable exchange standards are also discussed. Lastly, the author examines the future cyber threat landscape.

“Given the pervasiveness of the threat, the vulnerabilities most companies have and the magnitude of potential damage it could cause, how can cyber-security NOT be a high priority for executive teams and boards – even those with strong “traditional” IT security?” asks Chuck Gottschalk, CEO of NextLevel, an executive and board services firm with a mission of building enterprise value in the companies it serves; “Peter O’Dell’s book does a terrific job of framing the issues and setting the stage for a best practices approach to effectively address this high risk area.”

“Understanding all the issues surrounding the risks of a cyber-attack are critical for executive leadership in today’s global organizations” asserted Peter O’Dell, author of the newly published guide, “Having a comprehensive, organization wide strategy that covers people, process, planning and partners both proactively and during a cyber incident will help build resilience in the face of this growing threat.”

About The Author

Peter O’Dell is a technology consultant, board member, and author in Alexandria, Virginia. He has held positions across the spectrum of large and small companies as President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer. His 2010 book, “Silver Bullets: How Interoperable Data will Revolutionize Information Sharing” is an easy to consume work on the power of standardized information. Pete co-founded, whose TIES product offers cloud based situational awareness and intelligence gathering for both physical and cyber threat management.

Cyber 24-7: Risks, Leadership and Sharing is available in Kindle and softcover format through and other book distribution channels. ISBN number is 9781495206276.