The latest upgrade to the BodyWorn smart body-worn camera system is now available to instantly playback recorded HD video, classify video by retention categories, and enter notes via text entry and voice-to-text recognition. BodyWorn™ is the only body camera solution that can be configured to allow police officers to view recorded pieces on their body-worn device immediately after recording to improve the accuracy of incident classification.

“Our goal is to provide technology that enables police officers to work smarter. If a police department’s policy allows an officer to view recorded videos in the field, the officer can do so immediately in high definition on the BodyWorn™ camera screen,” said Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility. “In today’s world, there is no reason for policy to be dictated by technology limitations. Therefore everything we do is focused on providing law enforcement agencies with the most advanced and customizable technology that can be trusted to reliably adhere to the Department’s video recording and playback policy choices.”

Historically, playing back video in the field would require officers to carry a second hardware device at all times, at significant additional cost and complexity for the police officer. The new BodyWorn™ feature allows officers to immediately watch BodyWorn™ recorded video in High Definition directly on their BodyWorn™ devices—should it be allowed by the Department’s video review policy. Whether or not the Department allows officers to view video before completing an Incident report, BodyWorn™ includes voice-to-text recognition and audio notes to make annotation fast and easy. This makes it easy to reliably capture information—such as license plate numbers, interview notes, witness names, and case numbers—that immediately becomes fully searchable and categorized in the video management system.  Metadata such as video location, officer identification, and incident classification are immediately uploaded to secure cloud storage, where it is immediately available to Central Dispatch on a seamless and integrated basis.

These functions enhance the video classification process, making it easier for Departments to operate transparently and respond effectively and quickly to Freedom of Information requests and legal discovery production demands for body camera video.

As is typical with the BodyWorn™ software service, these additional capabilities have been made available to all BodyWorn™ customers at no additional charge.

“The BodyWorn™ system software is continuously being enhanced to ensure each officer is equipped with the smartest and most powerful technology for police officer safety, privacy, transparency, and accountability,” said McKeeman. “The Police Department does not have to buy new body camera hardware to get new features and capabilities, or wait years for the camera hardware to be replaced. The Department, of course, decides which features and capabilities to activate as part of their overall policy-based recording strategy.  Our mission is to provide Police Chiefs and Policy Makers with the most up-to-date configurable technology so they can make policy decisions without being limited by the technology.  BodyWorn™ works the way a Police Department chooses to make it work, every time.”

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