On January 9, CES 2018 opened as expected in Las Vegas, the United States. At this top trade show for the global consumer electronics industry, BOE exhibited its 8K UHD intelligent interfaces and IoV innovative products together with its partners such as HiSilicon, Byton and StreamTV, and won the “2017-2018 Consumer Electronics Top 10 Brands from China” award for its leading technologies and products that epitomize the great technological strength of Chinese companies.

8K UHD is definitely the most eye-catching display technology at CES 2018. Visitors were electrified by the world’s first ever 75-inch 8K product, whose chips and system are independently developed by HiSilicon, directly supporting for 8K decoding and 8K pixel-to-pixel display, and display panel is made by BOE. Backed by BOE’s unique ADSDS display technology, the product has a high resolution of 7680×4320, a 100% NTSC color gamut, and the capacity to display over one billion brilliant colors. Anything captured by a camera can be displayed in real time on this product.

As a global leader in the semiconductor display industry, BOE has been speeding up in developing 8Kindustry chain and launched the “8425 strategy” which means “promoting 8K, popularizing 4K, replacing 2K and making good use of 5G”. As the 5G era is about to arrive, BOE will not only focus on display solutions but more importantly strive to drive the growth of the entire industry chain.

At the CES this year, BOE and StreamTV jointly presented a 65-inch 8K glasses-free 3D product featuring BOE’s 8K UHD LCD display that makes it possible to shift between 2D and 3D content in real time. It means that videos in any format can be input through an HDMI and presented on a glasses-free 3D display.

In addition, BOE offered the world’s first shared experience display to Byton, a manufacturer of high-end smart electric vehicles. In the first ever electric SUV launched by Byton, a 50-inch shared display stands where the dashboard is, unlike any traditional center console. The large vehicle-mounted curved, stripe-shaped display made by BOE enjoys a resolution of 3840×720 and its brightness could reach 1000nits. The display supports gesture-based interaction and quite a few visitors were drawn to this technologically sophisticated vehicle-mounted display.

BOE implements its strategy “Ecoresystem: Open and Connected” in the era of IoT by taking measures such as developing intelligent interface products carrying 8K UHD display, providing professional IoV solutions, and etc. As an IoT company providing intelligent interface products and professional services for information interaction and human health, BOE is now fully opening its technology and application platforms and working together with its partners in chips, software, content and other fields to build a new industrial ecology and achieve win-win outcomes.