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K-ICT Born2Global(B2G) will be hosting “Creative Korea Roadshow K-Startup LA Demo Day 2016” and present successful business models of the top 19 startups from Korea (some of them being IoT oriented) to the VCs, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate partners and live audience.

These promising Korean startups are leading innovative companies in the aretas such as AI, big data, fin-tech, healthcare, IoT, wearable, mobile app, device, 3D printing, social media, platform and VR.

“B2G has prepared ‘Creative Korea Roadshow K-Startup LA Demo Day 2016’ to introduce selected Korean startups with high potential to succeed in the global market,” said Jong Kap Kim, Chief Executive Director of B2G said. Kim added, “Each Korean startup will share their story, demonstrate their product and hopefully convince investors to share their vision.”

Creative Korea Roadshow 2016

“Creative Korea Roadshow K-Startup LA Demo Day 2016” will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center Room 304ABC (address: 1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California) on July 29, 2016, with the public program running from 10:00am to 6:00pm. One-on-one meeting sessions for the entry into the US market will be held from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

The Demo Day is comprised of extensive mentorship sessions on developing products, securing  customers and raising funding. Additionally, there will be opportunities for attendees to network and have one-on-one consulting sessions with US VCs and accelerators.

Also, “Creative Korea Roadshow 2016” is sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Small and Medium Business Administration, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. The Demo Day is a part of the Roadshow.

Additionally, there will be exhibitions and booths prepared for export consultation. Around 100 Korean companies in sectors including ICT, healthcare, VR, beauty and fashion will be displaying innovative products to the world.

Here are the list of 19 Korean startups that have the potential to turn heads well into the global arena:

AI/Big Data


AI X platform provides enterprises with cloud based artificial intelligence machine-learned from their own decision data, which will enable them to predict future decisions and make better decisions for business.


Shugazine is a personalized e-commerce platform. Through an accurate machine learning analysis and recommendation algorithm, Shugazine curates 5 pairs of matching shoes every month to each customer based on their style preferences and foot sizes. Shugazine aims to build a remarkable personalized fashion e-commerce.



SodaTransfer is a mobile/online remittance service for US and Korean expatriates. SodaTransfer transformed inconvenient and expensive remittance banking experience to mobile 1-minute transfer service. Remittance fees are up to 90% less than traditional bank fees, and requested money is delivered in only 1 business day.


Dr. Pik

After the mouthpiece shaped device, made from BPS-free silicone material, is positioned in the mouth, a vacuum pressure is applied. Cleaning water mixed with air bubbles creates turbulence inside the device. The powerful turbulence removes food debris and dental plaque, and massages the gum tissue.


iBright is a registered medical device for gum disease curing. IoT version keeps track of user’s tooth brushing behavior and helps establishing healthy brushing habit.


Bagel Labs 

Bagel Labs’ mission is to provide the tools and services that empower consumers and businesses to make use of size data in various ways. We have developed a smart tape measure called Bagel and its mobile application that will serve as a standardized platform for size data. Our current main target markets are the fashion and weight loss industries and also premium apps to consumers as well as businesses.


The intelligent robot, i-JINI, can control nearly all the electronic devices in the house, and collect data via a cloud server, using IoT technology. With various integrated communication system, it can perform more tasks than a smartphone and at the same time interact with the user.


TipTalk is a smart watch strap that fundamentally disrupts and revolutionizes the way we make phone calls, placing the power to make a call literally on your fingertips. With patented body conduction technology, TipTalk enables you to hear a call simply by placing your fingertip to your ear, transmitting sound using your body as a medium while you speak through a microphone embedded in the strap.


ALEX is a neck posture tracker that uses precise sensor to monitor the position and movement of user’s neck and head in real time. ALEX sits on user’s neck and gently vibrates when users adopt poor posture such as forward head posture and text neck for a certain period. Its companion coaching app guides user to address bad habits and tracks their progress.

Mobile App/Device

Hansun ST Co. 

ISS-WA60 is an all-in-one smart CCTV with the on-board computer and multi-sensor systems of IR camera, whole-area surveillance camera and dynamic zoom camera. ISS-WA60 recognizes/detects people and cars within the surveillance area of 45-degree angle and 60-meter distance by using the IR camera, and then rapidly and accurately acquires their enlarged images with the auto-tracking zoom camera. By supporting seven-extended modules such as sound detector, flame detector and facial recognition, it can be established suitable for any purpose.


JD SOUND is a global innovative audio technology developer and manufacturer. In developing the portable DJ equipment, JD SOUND obtained the core technologies related to audio and sound. Currently, pioneering new business on S/W IP, H/W IP and New DJ Equipment.


It is important to keep facial skin moisturized to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging skin. Miin’s facial mist tool can measure how much water your skin is retaining then allows you to keep your skin moisturized.


Vimo’s Motion Stickers (Stamps) can make your video fun and exciting. They are animation clips with 50 -100 frames, and they play along with your video like GIF. You can move, zoom in and rotate stickers with the video editor. Also, you can record it.

Nano/3D Printing

Carima Co. 

Carima, with 33 years of experience in optic technology, manufactured im-j successfully. Carima is proud of its product that can offer 50 micron accuracy and large size.

Social Media/Platform


Birdletter provides “Social Letter Service (SLS)” with the concept of sending and receiving precious letter written for one person through one “bird” the user has. It offers a ping-pong type of communication and optimizes visual communication in delivering emotions. It is also the only spam-free messaging service in the world.

Display ENG

Display ENG offers patented self-portrait mobile app, digital oil painting signage, oil painting kiosk and electronic oil painting frame.


Dramapic is a real-time open platform where various local TV contents, through worldwide users’ crowdsourcing, are enabled in subtitle creation and sharing at mobile environment. It not only overcomes language barrier but also speeds up content delivery. Every country will have speediest global distribution channel network with Dramapic.


INDIGO Entertainment

Indigo Entertainment is a global creative studio providing online and mobile game development services. Indigo specializes in developing interactive experiences. The INDIGO VR emplaced in the ‘Seokguram HMD Travel Experience’ is Korea’s first dedicated VR treadmill device.

Visual Camp 

Users can enjoy VR contents with their own eyes without using their hands. Visual Camp can analyze gaze position in VR display and provide contents analysis in advertisement or contents.

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