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Borqs International Holding Corp., a leading global provider of smart connected devices and cloud service solutions for IoT, has announced that it has received the “50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers 2016” award from CIO Review magazine. This award honors companies that are at the forefront of providing IoT solutions and impacting the marketplace.

The winners were selected by a panel of industry leaders including CEOs, CIOs, and analysts as well as CIO Review’s editorial board after they evaluated hundreds of IoT solution providers.

“We are happy to announce Borqs as one of the 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers 2016,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIO Review. “Borqs has achieved leadership and customer recognition as an innovative end-to-end IoT solutions provider leveraging its unique strategic chipset partner relationships as well as its broad software and IP portfolio.”

Borqs won the recognition because it helps simplify the adoption of IoT through targeted Android based IoT solutions customized for vertical applications. A wide range of devices, such as traditional data-enabled devices, non-traditional ruggedized devices, automotive IVI, wearables, smart home appliances and point-of-sale devices have benefited from Borqs’ innovations.

“It is truly an honor for Borqs to be named to the list of 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers,” said George Thangadurai, Senior Vice President & Head of International Business at Borqs. “As Google’s partner and through strategic partnerships with Qualcomm & Intel, Borqs has a proven track record in designing, developing, and implementing IoT solutions based on leading chipsets and Android, along with E2E connectivity services. We aim at reducing the complexity of IoT adoption for our customers and facilitating the use of connected devices in various sectors by taking advantage of chipset-level innovations and customizing Android. Our global presence enables us to collaborate more closely with our customers.”

Borqs is a platform company in its DNA and its ability to integrate Android in diverse environments encompassing networking, sensors, multiple I/O interfaces, security, payments, and manageability, is its key differentiator. “Our solutions are currently used by operators, OEMs, enterprises, consumers, automobile, restaurants, defense, and governments. With our proven Android module and framework, customers can achieve faster TTM deployments and monetize data analytics from cloud-enabled edge devices operating in diverse environments,” highlighted Thangadurai.

Borqs’ broad portfolio includes Borqs Managed Cloud, Borqs IVI, Borqs Street, Borqs Home. Through its unified cloud platform, Borqs Managed Cloud, the company integrates the IoT-enabled devices and delivers highly efficient, tailored services.

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