Bosch Home Appliances: Modern design simplifies life in the kitchen. Bosch home appliances, the premier European kitchen design brand, will expand its award-winning suite of sleek, modern appliances.

Their home appliances are “Invented for Life,” providing solutions to meet the needs of every kitchen—from the growing trend of small and secondary spaces, to the modern kitchen in single and multi-family homes. Through its modern design principles, including ergonomic design and precision technology, Bosch enhances life in the kitchen.

At this year’s International Builder’s Show, the company’s home appliances will unveil the new Benchmark 36” Induction Cooktop and the new 24” Custom Panel Refrigerator.

The new Benchmark 36” Induction Cooktop features FlexInduction technology and enhanced features to streamline the cooking process, delivering perfect results more efficiently. The new 24” Custom Panel Refrigerator enables consumers to customize their kitchen space and achieve a truly integrated look, especially in areas of the home where space is a consideration.

Bosch Thermotechnology: Innovative heating, cooling and hot water solutions. As a leading provider of high-quality, comfort conditioning systems for residential, commercial and multi-family applications, Bosch Thermotechnology offers a full portfolio of sustainable heating, cooling, hot water, and energy management solutions. Beyond added comfort and convenience, the systems reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions, improve home values and cut utility bills for lower cost of ownership. With every product line, Bosch offers controls and accessories to manage energy use, including wi-fi enabled smart controls and mobile apps.

At IBS, Bosch will show its ultra-efficient geothermal heat pump systems, which use the relatively constant temperature of the earth to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water. Geothermal systems are the most efficient, comfortable and quiet heating and cooling solutions available for residential or commercial applications. In addition to being a key enabler for Zero Net Energy capable homes, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that these systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40 percent compared to conventional HVAC systems.

Bosch will display its new Hydronic Air Handlers for a more efficient, compact home heating and hot water system. When used with the Greentherm Condensing Tankless Water Heaters, the Bosch Control Smart Room Thermostat to control temperature using a compatible smart device and mobile app, Greenstar wall-hung, floor-standing boilers and a Greenstar model for high-volume project and builder programs, gas tankless and electric whole house and point-of-use water heaters.

Bosch Security Systems: Flexible security and home automation solutions for modern lifestyles. By integrating intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance and home automation control, Bosch systems help make residences more secure and provide peace of mind. With customized solutions for any home layout, individual control of rooms or areas, and the ability to carry out multiple functions with a single command, homeowners can create a customized security plan to fit their lifestyle.

Integrating security systems with video surveillance allows monitoring, identification of who turned the system on or off, and viewing images of other events occurring within or near the home – all from a remote desktop, smart phone or tablet. Homeowners also gain convenience and save energy with support for industry-standard Z-Wave devices, which enable connected systems to control security, lighting, heating, cooling and more.

Bosch EV Charging: Prepare the homes of the future for the vehicles of the future. Bosch residential EV charging stations are designed to work with all electric vehicles sold in North America, providing safe and reliable charging. The stations offer great flexibility with hardwire or plug-in options, compatibility with input currents of 12 to 40 amps, indoor or outdoor applications, and wall- or pedestal-mount choices.


Bosch Power Tools: Powerful, forward-thinking, smart. Bosch will highlight its best-in-class cordless tools, rotary hammers, fine woodworking tools and prof2016 International Builders’ Showessional-grade circular saws.

Bosch uses the world’s toughest materials for its circular saw blades, drill bits, concrete cutting blades and jig saw blades. Unlike other manufacturers, Bosch produces its own carbide for cutting and drilling everything from wood to cast iron, and sources the best industrial diamonds for concrete- and masonry-cutting applications.

With an extensive range of line lasers, laser measures, rotary lasers, point lasers, wall scanners, digital levels, optical levels and measuring tool accessories, Bosch delivers solutions for virtually every jobsite project.


Bosch Software Innovations, the Bosch Group’s software and systems division, designs, develops, and operates innovative software and systems solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Its IoT Suite provides the technology basis for enabling IoT applications in a variety of industries including manufacturing, mobility and energy. For building and city verticals, Software Innovations collaborates with city stakeholders and partners to provide intelligent monitoring and control systems to make lives safer and more convenient, and resources more sustainable.

Pedal-assist electric bikes are the new frontier for neighborhood mobility. Electric bikes from this brand boost a cyclist’s human power with electric power making it easier than ever to enjoy life by bicycle. Rechargeable at any standard wall outlet and built to last, eBikes are ready for healthy communities everywhere.

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