IoT Development
Mr Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of Boston Limited (PRNewsFoto/Boston Limited)

The technological singularity could be closer than you think. Machines and AI are increasingly becoming as intelligent as human beings which is vouched by the fact that it is possible in real-time to know how your cargo is moving towards its destination, whether an ATM machine requires a refill, or an RO system at home requires servicing.In recent times, we have witnessed that the digital space has undergone major transformation in machine-to-machine technology making it possible for wired and wireless systems to interact without requiring any manual involvement – this is the advent of the IoT Development.

The IoT currently plays an important role in the smart connections of hardware within the telecom and electronic industries. Also, the IoT has a vast number of opportunities for several emerging industries for example; the smart environment of IoT is adding value to the information technology industry and boosting the Indian economy.

As per estimates, the Indian IoT industry is expected to connect 28 billion devices to the internet and be worthUS$ 15 billion, by 2020. Fully loaded for the strengthening of IoT, we at Boston India offer complete solutions of IoT devices. Wireless networks in India are currently making leaps and bounds in their development. As a result, a debate on machine-to-machine communication is gathering pace. Today, when connectivity is stronger than ever and we incorporate computers into our everyday lives, the IoT ecosystem comes into the dialogue.

“Providing our clients with first-to-market technology and award-winning, tailored solutions that are customised to fit their exact specifications, Boston India has now become a key figure in IoT development within India. Our wide range of solutions provides system inaugurators with the initial hardware and support to feel confident in implementing their own IoT architecture,” said Mr Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of Boston Limited.

Mr Manoj Nayee further adds, “With gateways like our Supermicro E100 and embedded systems like the E200, we can now communicate with machine sensors and then process our data using our Cloud solutions. These gateways are small devices which support an array of communication channels according to need of the costumer.Each gateway can be equipped with communication sensors enabled with a selection of networking options including Wi-fi, ZigBee, 3G and Bluetooth. Many of Boston’s gateways come with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) which makes remote management and maintenance of devices easier. Our expertise also incorporates a variety of storage options, ranging in terms of capacity and space requirements giving Boston strength in markets such as surveillance, retail POS, etc. Providing cutting edge technology since 1992 using Supermicro® building blocks, our high performance, mission-critical server and storage solutions can be tailored for each specific client, helping to create the desired ideal solution. From the initial specification, solution design and even full custom-branding, Boston India can help solving the toughest business challenges simply and effectively.”

Boston offers world-class labs facilities, giving our resellers and their customers the ability to test the latest products and technologies first-hand. This includes remote access to our servers; allowing you to perform testing from the comfort of one’s office. So you will see that Boston are best placed to support the growth of IoT in India now and for the future,” said Mr Manoj Nayee.

Having identified the potential of IoT industry, the Government of India is also focusing on this area. As part of the Digital India program launch, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced the launch of The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for IoT in Bengaluru for enabling rapid adoption of IoT technology and fostering a new growth strategy.

With seed fund from the government, a joint venture by National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeITY) and Education and Research Network (ERNET), the CoE will run on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

The Government plans to harness the potential of IoT for addressing issues like transport systems, parking, electricity, waste management, water management and women’s safety to create smart cities. The Government also realised that IoT can help automate solutions to problems faced by various industries like agriculture, health services, energy, security, disaster management etc. through remotely connected devices.

According to the government’s Draft Policy on Internet of Things- 2015, the number of Internet-connected devices (12.5 billion) surpassed the number of human beings (7 billion) on the planet in 2011, and by 2020, Internet-connected devices are expected to number between 26 billion and 50 billion globally. Therefore, to leverage India’s strength as a leader in the global service industry, through suitable promotion and supportive mechanisms, the draft IoT policy has been formulated to create IoT ecosystem in the country.

After learning from a report by Machina Research, a provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things that by 2025, IoT will generate over 2 zettabytes of data, mostly generated by consumer electronics devices, government’s moves become laudable. This is now the time to see that how IoT will drive new intelligent industry and how the consumer behaviour takes shape. It is apparent that there will soon be a high demand of intelligent industry solutions and several companies in future are all set to take full advantage of the IoT.

Boston are no strangers to innovation in computing – in 1994, Boston became the first company to bring Silicon Valley-based Super Micro Computer, Inc. to Europe, reselling their high-performance, energy efficient motherboards, chassis and server systems. Since then Boston has become one of Supermicro’s most respected technology partners and a world renowned systems integrator, designing our own award-winning range of server, storage and workstation solutions.

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