Brain Scientific Inc. has enhanced its disposable EEG headset, NeuroCapTM, with new features. In the new version of NeuroCap, Brain Scientific’s R&D team implemented recommendations from its medical advisory board, as well as insights from neurologists, to improve upon their headset. The Company believes that these technical upgrades make the cap setup process easier for medical personnel and more comfortable for patients.

“We have been working on this version of NeuroCap for several months. Internal tests showed improved impedance and better, faster setup. Two US hospitals have already pre-ordered our new caps for testing purposes and we expect they will be testing them in June-August 2020. This is being implemented to accommodate the growth of the disposable EEG market,” said Irina Nazarova, director of marketing at Brain Scientific.

Brain Scientific’s estimates identify an opportunity to extend much-needed EEG services to over 5,900 hospitals with lower-cost amplifiers and disposable EEG caps. The pandemic has underscored the importance of delivering one-time use healthcare products, while many EEG technicians still have to sanitize electrodes after each use. In addition, medical professionals could be at risk of contracting viruses while performing EEG tests, which can take up to 45 minutes to complete and require close proximity to the patient at setup.

NeuroCap is an FDA-cleared disposable EEG headset with 22 electrodes and 19 active EEG channels. Its single-use life span minimizes cross-contamination and optimizes sanitary practice. The diagnostic tool is compatible with 3rd party amplifiers, it can be administered by clinical staff of any level, and it can be used in healthcare facilities or outpatient settings. NeuroCap is currently being manufactured and may be shipped to medical centers across the United States.