Bsquare announced that, as a platinum sponsor at GE Minds+Machines, it will demonstrate Internet of Things (IoT) pilot use cases that seamlessly integrate GE’s Predix platform with Bsquare DataV in order to extend Predix to resource constrained devices such as sensors. Minds+Machines is an annual event that has helped define the Industrial Internet, the critical infrastructure and industrial sector of IoT. The business outcomes driven by the demonstrated use cases include increased uptime, reduced support and maintenance costs, and increased business and regulatory compliance.

According to Bsquare CEO Jerry Chase, “We’ve been impressed with the thought leadership GE Digital has shown in the development of Predix. By integrating DataV and Predix we’re able to apply advanced data analytics and predictive reasoning to a wide variety of critical corporate assets, many of which are constrained from a resource perspective.”

The specific use cases being demonstrated using DataV and Predix involve the use of sensor data to feed predictive algorithms calculating cooling capacity available for power-generating turbines. The sensor data includes river water level, temperature and flow, which is combined with air temperature, historical data, and weather forecasts. Predictive estimates are then made as to the future cooling capacity available for turbines so that they can be load adjusted to avoid overheating conditions.

About GE Minds+Machines

GE’s fourth annual Minds + Machines event will be held the week of September 28, 2015, at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California. The 2015 event will host 1,000+ customers, developers, thought leaders, partners, and media for focused sessions on the state of the Industrial Internet.

About Bsquare

For more than two decades, Bsquare has helped its customers extract business value from a broad array of physical assets by making them intelligent, connecting them, and using the data they generate to optimize business processes. Bsquare DataV software solutions can be deployed by a wide variety of enterprises to create business-focused Internet of Things (IoT) systems that more effectively monitor device data, automate processes, predict events and produce better business outcomes. Bsquare goes a step further by coupling its purpose-built DataV software with comprehensive analytic and engineering services that help organizations of all types make IoT a business reality. For more information visit