Button bttn Sigfox

The Button Corporation, creator of the world’s first physical push button always connected to the Internet, launched the new product aimed specifically at companies operating in the US mass markets.

At present connected devices in general remain complicated, expensive to deploy and not easily scalable. The new bttn device sets out to democratize the connected devices market by combining utter simplicity, versatile APIs, cloud based management and configuration toolset, and the leading IoT connectivity technology from Sigfox.

Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company has built a global network to connect billions of devices to the Internet while consuming as little energy as possible, as simply as possible.

“The new low-cost device together with our new cloud service make the deployment of any size easy and risk-free. With this combination we can make our connected hardware button an accessible solution for any company that wants to improve their customer experience and offer physical on-demand triggers,” said Juuso Pesola, CEO of The Button Corporation. 

“We are proud to support The Button Corporation in their international development strategy, especially in the U.S. where we are rapidly deploying the Sigfox network,” said Michael Orr, Sigfox Vice President Sales and Partners, North America. “The Bttn illustrates the competitive advantages of Sigfox connectivity: very low and predictable energy consumption and simplicity of use.”

The cost of the new bttn devices start from $2 per month for Bttn Inc’s signed, local solution providers. Pre-orders start immediately, shipments in March.

The Button Corporation / Bttn Inc.  is the creator of the bttn®, the simplest internet user interface in the world. It brings the power of Internet-of-Everything to businesses with its elegantly designed physical push buttons always connected to the internet. The Button Corporation is based in Helsinki, Finland and New York, U.S. Read more at www.bt.tn/sigfox