Building, Home Automation and Environmental Monitoring to See Earliest Adoption of IoT Technology
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According to a new survey from CompuCom Systems, Inc. (“CompuCom”), a leading technology infrastructure services company, 31 percent of IT professionals predict the home/building automation and environmental monitoring market to see the earliest adoption of IoT technology. This is followed by infrastructure management (19 percent), medical/healthcare systems (19 percent), transport systems (12 percent), industrial applications (12 percent) and smart grids/large-scale deployments (seven percent). The online poll collected responses from 377 IT professionals across multiple industries from September 15 – November 8, 2016.

IoT refers to the rapidly expanding network of objects that have an Internet Protocol (IP) address – from home appliances to environmental monitors to manufacturing equipment – and the communication between these objects and other internet-enabled devices and systems. According to research firm Gartner, there will be almost 21 billion IoT devices in use by 2020, and more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of IoT.

“IoT is quickly moving from conception to reality, with proven use cases that are disruptive for organizations across the globe,” noted Will Winn, Senior Vice President of IoT Solutions, CompuCom. “As organizations across a wide range of industries continue to recognize its potential, they’ll need expertise to address key IT issues such as security, integration and domain expertise managing business requirements.”

Respondents to the CompuCom poll answered the question, “Which sector do you think will see the earliest adoption of IoT?

Building/home automation and environmental monitoring – 31%
Infrastructure management – 19%
Medical/healthcare systems – 19%
Transport systems – 12%
Industrial applications – 12%
Smart Grids/large-scale deployments – 7%
Total votes: 377

CompuCom is accelerating its presence in the automation space, with the recent acquisition of the IoT business of Extensys, a top provider of IoT technology, and the integration of its core team. CompuCom also recently partnered with intelligent automation leader Arago to integrate Arago’s problem-solving artificial intelligence solution, HIRO, into all of CompuCom’s managed services solutions for the data center – enabling incidents to be diagnosed and remediated more quickly, efficiently and with greater certainty.

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