Kony, Inc. recently helped KMC Controls develop an innovative KMC Connect Lite mobile application that speeds the pre-commissioning process of its KMC Conquest controllers by simplifying field configuration and installation. The KMC Connect Lite app is the first in a series of mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that KMC Controls plans to develop using Kony’s cloud-based Platform. By using the KMC Connect Lite mobile app, customers can reduce the system installation setup time by up to 75 percent.

KMC Controls is an independent U.S.-based manufacturer that provides building automation and IoT solutions to help facilities reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while also increasing the comfort and safety for building occupants. Based in New Paris, Indiana, KMC Controls provides its building automation solutions to system integrators, distributors, OEM partners and IT providers worldwide.

“For over 50 years, our goal at KMC Controls has been to help customers minimize energy use, maximize building efficiency, and ensure the comfort and safety of their occupants. To continue our leadership in manufacturing, we’re building an ecosystem optimized to deliver IoT solutions that deliver genius buildings and facilities,” said Richard Newberry, chief executive officer, KMC Controls. “We chose Kony to be part of this ecosystem because of their world-class expertise and market-leading platform. With Kony, we can develop mobile applications that can revolutionize building automation.”

KMC Controls selected the Kony Platform because of its open architecture enabling them to develop for both iOS and Android with a single code base. With Kony MobileFabric, KMC Controls can develop back-end micro-services for the KMC Commander system, apply analytics, incorporate features and functions suggested by customers, and integrate them with its mobile app. And using data enabled by the Kony Platform and saved on the Kony Cloud, KMC Controls can gain insight into how and where its mobile application is being used, what functions are proving most popular, and how much time is being spent on each screen.

KMC Controls first collaborated with Kony to deliver the KMC Connect Lite mobile application. Using Near Field Communication (NFC), the KMC Connect Lite mobile app enables field service technicians to configure, customize, and commission controller devices without powering the controller or even opening the box. With the KMC Connect Lite mobile app, a field installer places their mobile device on the controller box and can write the controller settings through NFC.

“The KMC Connect Lite mobile application that Kony helped us build is a game changer for our customers,” continued Newberry. “KMC Controls is focused on providing innovative and intuitive solutions and our mobile app saves an enormous amount of time, improves margins, and helps our customers gain competitive advantage. What used to take customers 4 days to configure and install a system is now down to just a few hours.”

Building on this success, KMC Controls plans to leverage the power of the Kony Platform to develop future mobile applications and IoT solutions.

“IoT is disrupting every industry. At Kony, we provide a cross-platform architecture that enables organizations to harness the power of mobility and leverage IoT technology that can transform their business processes and create new capabilities,” said Dave Shirk, president of Products, Strategy and Marketing, Kony, Inc. “Kony is excited to partner with KMC Controls on their digital journey as they continue to provide innovative mobile apps and IoT solutions that deliver value and exceptional experiences to their customers.”

To showcase their latest products and solutions, KMC Controls is participating in the AHR Expo from January 30 – February 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada.