At the Cisco Collaboration Summit, Cisco unveiled the initial set of APIs for its Cisco Spark collaboration platform. Built.io was selected to showcase the capabilities of the new APIs at the event.

The Cisco Spark application makes teamwork simpler by bringing teams together instantly in virtual rooms where members can send messages, share files, and meet face-to-face, all in one place. Built.io Flow is a cloud-based platform designed to integrate IT systems with ease. Now, Built.io Flow users can extend Spark capabilities into any business process and foster stronger team collaboration.

“It was refreshingly easy to integrate Cisco Spark into the Built.io platform and Built.io Flow makes our APIs relevant and meaningful for business users and developers alike,” said Jason Goecke, General Manager Tropo Business Unit.

At the conference, attendees are able to use a massive 85″ touchscreen display to instantly create a live integration – or Flow – using the new Cisco Spark APIs and Built.io Flow’s intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. Online, users can create Flows for a practically unlimited range of use cases, for example:

  • Integrating Cisco Spark, Cisco Tropo, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to aid customer success teams via realtime, mobile alerts around key customer events, such as large purchases following a targeted marketing campaign.
  • Integrating Cisco Spark, Evernote, Wunderlist, Google Mail and Microsoft OneDrive to help product management and marketing teams coordinate and collaborate around product releases.
  • Integrating Cisco Spark, GitHub and Zoho to improve the agility of software development practices and streamline bug tracking and management.

“With Built.io Flow we are making enterprise integration dead simple,” said Matthew Baier, COO of Built.io. “Cisco’s customers benefit from built-in integration capabilities when they use Cisco Spark together with Built.io Flow, making its adoption straightforward and risk-free.”

“Ensuring security across the stack is key. Cisco Spark supports end-to-end content encryption, and in-transit and media encryption,” said Jose de Castro, CTO Tropo Business Unit. “We like that Built.io Flow doesn’t retain any data and is designed to destroy the underlying container facilitating integrations as soon as it completes the task at hand and is no longer needed.”

The invitation to show off this integration at the Cisco Collaboration Summit 2015 comes on the heels of Built.io Flow winning another coveted industry award. Aragon Research added the “2015 Technology Innovator” designation to its earlier recognition of Built.io as one of its “2015 Hot Vendors”.

Built.io Flow is generally available worldwide. Learn more at www.built.io/flow.

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Built.io Flow is Built.io’s award winning Integration-as-a-Service platform that enables any developer to create business value through integration. By connecting sensors, devices, systems and applications across mobile, web and IoT, Built.io Flow allows organizations to easily create sophisticated workflows that automate complex business processes and deliver critical data to the right place at the right time.

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