Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced the Cadence® IndagoDebug Platform, a new debugging solution which reduces the time to identify bugs in a design by up to 50 percent compared to traditional signal- or transaction-level debug methods. In addition to the Indago Debug Platform, Cadence also announced three debugging apps that plug into the platform and can be used with other verification tools to provide a single integrated and synchronized debug solution for testbench, verification IP (VIP), and hardware/software debug for system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

The Indago Debug Platform and debugging apps are part of the comprehensive Cadence System Development Suite and are currently available for early adopters. General availability is expected by June 2015.

With its patented root-cause analysis technology, the Indago Debug Platform filters unneeded data to go beyond the source for a single bug to resolve the cause of all related bugs. Current debug methodologies used by designers require multiple simulation iterations to incrementally extract data points that ultimately point to the source of the bug. The technology in the Indago Debug Platform can reduce the human time necessary to resolve schedule-impacting bugs by up to 50 percent using a common set of resources that enable a suite of commercial and user-created apps that automate the analysis of data from multiple verification engines and multiple vendors.

With a unified debug platform and the debug apps, the Indago Debug Platform enables multiple engineering specialists from design, testbench, embedded software and protocol verification to operate as a team to resolve SoC bugs. The three debug apps are:

  • Indago Debug Analyzer:  Extends root-cause analysis from e testbench (IEEE 1647) to SystemVerilog (IEEE 1800) and increases performance by up to 10X
  • Indago Embedded Software Debug: Resolves bugs associated with embedded software applications by synchronizing software and hardware source code debug
  • Indago Protocol Debug:  Visualizes advanced protocols such as DDR4, ARM® AMBA® AXI and ACE using Cadence VIP for intuitive debugging

“Achieving high-quality metrics for Bosch’s advanced mixed-signal MEMS sensors requires us to identify and resolve bugs quickly within a massive volume of verification data,” said Robert Richter, senior expert, ASIC Development, at Bosch. “Cadence’s Indago Debug Analyzer App has improved our debug productivity up to 50 percent because it helps us find the root cause of the bugs faster with features like reverse debugging. We believe the Indago Debug Platform will enable us to continue to deliver for applications including consumer electronics, fitness tracking, wearables and IoT.”

“Leading-edge verification projects create terabytes of data every day, making debug a big data problem for semiconductor and system companies,” said Andy Eliopoulos, vice president, research and development, Advanced Verification Solutions at Cadence.  “With the Indago Debug Platform, Cadence helps solve this problem by automating the process of finding the root cause for a bug. For the first time, engineers can have a collaborative environment across multiple verification engines that both reduces the time to solve the discovered bug and the root cause for other bugs that may be buried in the data.”

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