LAFAYETTE, Calif. — Candi Controls, creator of a breakthrough unifying framework for smart device data, and IPKeys, an expert developer of smart grid technologies for government and industry, have partnered to connect OpenADR 2.0b-certified communications from the smart grid to a multitude of everyday devices in homes and commercial buildings, creating price-based controls that reduce waste and energy costs.

The integration of IPKeys’ OpenADR 2.0b certified EISSClient 2.0 technology with Candi’s “PowerTools” data framework allows price and demand signals from the smart grid for the first time to reach a huge selection of popular thermostats, lights, load switches, solar power and appliance products. By extending smart grid communications to the Internet of Things, many more homes and businesses can reduce energy costs, and energy companies can more effectively manage load on the power grid.

“Leveraging IPKeys’ software shortened our development time to link with OpenADR 2.0b-certified systems,” said Steve Raschke, CEO of Candi Controls. “This collaboration will help simplify and propagate Demand Response-based energy efficiency to millions of off-the-shelf commercial and consumer devices via the latest OpenADR data profile, benefitting energy consumers and utilities alike.”

“IPKeys is pleased to collaborate with Candi in combining OpenADR 2.0 standards with PowerTools for wider interoperability with building management and energy controls,” said Robert Nawy, Managing Director of IPKeys.

About Candi Controls

 Founded in 2008 by an executive team with decades of experience in systems integration and data acquisition, Candi’s breakthrough technology reworks machine-to-machine communications from networks down rather than devices up. “PowerTools”, the company’s unifying data framework, normalizes monitoring and control of remote devices regardless of brand, type or protocol. Candi PowerTools allows service providers and integrators to gather, manage and act on real-time information from the Internet of Things, and offer compelling IoT user experiences from mobile applications. On the web at:

About IPKeys
IPKeys, an SBA Certified 8(a) and women owned business, is a strategic partner in the energy, federal, DoD, and commercial sectors delivering expertise in Smart Grid communications technology. IPKeys provides the standards based energy interoperations software, network communications engineering and enterprise security solutions that enable utilities and their customers to achieve the promise of a more reliable, safer and more economically beneficial Smart Grid. IPKeys is a member of the OpenADR Alliance. Online at