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CANDI has announced that its PowerTools software has been integrated with the Intel Building Management Platform (Intel BMP), which is now available. Intel BMP is a manageable IoT platform with built-in security that enables cloud-based smart building applications and services with easy access to the IoT data and things in small to mid-sized buildings.

CANDI-enabled gateways simplify smart building deployments by making it quick and easy—and often automatic—to integrate smart products such as meters, switches, thermostats, lights, sensors, cameras, and building controls. The PowerTools device and data management platform bridges the most popular building IoT protocols, providing secure and easy access to normalized data through standard APIs.

“The IoT is rapidly expanding across industries. In the facilities and energy management markets, robust new solutions for smart buildings such as the Intel BMP are industry-changers,” said CANDI CEO Steve Raschke. “CANDI PowerTools software provides the bridge between the Intel BMP and the end applications that make buildings smart and connected. We make it easy to access and use more data from more devices, with a cost-effective, cloud-based solution.”

CANDI’s bidirectional edge-to-cloud data services enable an ecosystem of partners to provide comprehensive solutions for energy and facilities management, remote monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, and other compelling smart building applications.

Traditionally, the high cost of building management systems (BMS) has been difficult to justify for 90 percent of North America’s commercial buildings that are under 100,000 square feet. But the proliferation of low-cost, advanced IoT technologies and open, cloud-based platforms are transforming building automation technology. Until now, the challenge has been bridging disparate legacy and IoT protocols to make smart building capabilities cost effective and easy to deploy for the small to mid-market.

Easy-to-Deploy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform Accelerates Solution Providers’ Time to Revenue

PowerTools software includes easy-to-use discovery and management tools that enable integrators to quickly find and provision hundreds of installed devices to collect data, and bridge systems across a wide and growing range of protocols. The software also provides unique two-way communication capabilities to unlock remote control and management of building systems for cloud-based provisioning, monitoring, and control.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform reduces development time and effort for solution providers with a pre-integrated building management platform that helps them quickly deploy, monitor, and maintain data and devices for complete smart building applications. As a result, solution providers can quickly offer exciting new solutions that scale across more sites, reduce cost of deployment, access more data, and deliver new services to new markets.

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