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Cassia Networks, the company behind the world’s first Bluetooth router, has announced a new suite of Internet of Things products for enterprise applications. This product suite, which includes enterprise-level Bluetooth routers, an IoT access controller and a developer SDK, will solve many of the challenges of enterprise IoT adoption and development.

“The ability of the enterprise to easily use IoT environments in business operations is imperative to the success of the IoT market as a whole,” said Cassia Networks founder and CEO, Felix Zhao. “Despite the headway made on the consumer side of the market, enterprises have been unable to truly reap the benefits of a connected enterprise without great implementation costs. By enabling scalable communication and control over IoT environments at an affordable price, Cassia Networks stands to change this paradigm.”

Until now, lack of standardization and interoperability issues across wireless technology have been a major obstacle to IoT market growth. By improving the fiot unctionality of Bluetooth so that it can work across greater distances and a wide variety of products, Cassia Networks is backing Bluetooth as the ubiquitous wireless technology. In doing so, the company is solving two of the most fundamental barriers to the Internet of Things market entry – the cost and difficulty of deploying large-scale IoT environments that work.

With the Cassia IoT Access Controller (AC), businesses will now have unprecedented access, control and security over their Internet of Things environments. The Cassia IoT AC solution enables seamless deployment and management of hundreds of Bluetooth routers connected to thousands of devices in an enterprise environment from one centralized interface. Other advanced features include: security policy management, Bluetooth locationing, seamless Bluetooth roaming and dynamic load balancing.

Even when Bluetooth emerges as the ubiquitous wireless technology, device makers and customers still face interoperability issues between products and software profiles. With the Cassia SDK, developers and device manufacturers can incorporate the Cassia SDK into their native app or server software for seamless integration with the Cassia routers and AC. This simple deployment process allows developers to connect any Bluetooth low energy product to the Cassia enterprise product suite without having to change the software and hardware of the end devices.

The Cassia enterprise product suite includes three Bluetooth routers – the S1000, S1100 and X1000. With a compact, cost-effective design, the S1000 and S1100 (Power Over Ethernet version) routers are optimized for indoor applications and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or simply placed on a desk or counter. The X1000 can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments and offers enhanced functionality. All three routers can act as an internet gateway working with the Cassia IoT AC so that users have remote access and control of their end devices.

Key benefits of the Cassia enterprise product suite include:

  • Seamless Bluetooth coverage for cost effective Internet of Things deployments
  • Easy deployment and management of hundreds of routers and thousands of devices through the centralized AC interface
  • Bluetooth locationing for precise tracking of people and assets
  • Enhanced end-to-end security
  • Lower barrier of entry and improved ROI for enterprise IoT deployments

“From logistics to the factory floor, from sports arenas to hospitals, the IoT is on the cusp of radically changing how many industries operate,” added Zhao. “Together, our groundbreaking solution will open the door for enterprise IoT applications and environments that have not been realized before. We’re excited to bring this new frontier to the enterprise.”

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