Pentaho customer Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence, the vessel monitoring and analytics subdivision of manufacturing leader Caterpillar Inc., and project lead James Stascavage, Marine Asset Intelligence Technology Manager at Caterpillar Inc., has been named the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Leadership Award winner in the Internet of Things (IoT) category. The Ventana Research Leadership Awards honor the leaders and pioneers across business and IT that have contributed to their organizations’ successes.

As an early adopter of IoT, Caterpillar Marine understood the potential of using sensors, big data and analytics to predict equipment failures and respond more quickly and efficiently through preventive maintenance. With trillions of sensors creating massive data sets that needed to be evaluated every year, Caterpillar required a big data analytics solution that could streamline their complex data integration and transformation process. By embedding Pentaho Business Analytics into the Cat® Asset Intelligence technology, the company has been able to free up analysts’ time to focus on providing customers real-time equipment predictive intelligence and multidimensional analysis – leading to improved efficiencies, minimized downtime and dramatically reduced maintenance costs for their customer base of industrial fleet owners.

“Predictive maintenance analytics, combined with the industrial Internet of Things, has allowed us to harness the business opportunity attainable through big data,” said James Stascavage, Marine Asset Intelligence Technology Manager, Caterpillar Inc. “We use ETL very heavily now, and Pentaho is that driving force behind our ability to provide customers with deeper analysis and the ability to visualize and see things that are important but not necessarily easily viewable just with our on-board software.”

The ability to combine IoT data with data from various other data sources is not only unique, but a critical competency for IoT initiatives that requires an advanced data integration and transformation process. Using Pentaho’s metadata-driven approach and graphical drag-and-drop design interface, Caterpillar is able to construct complex models and translate maintenance data into operational recommendations that help customers make better decisions when it comes to maintaining the lifespan of their machines – ultimately allowing fleet owners to keep boats on the water longer by providing intelligence that reduces previously unforeseen challenges.

“Caterpillar Marine has been a pioneer when it comes to operationalizing IoT,” said Dave Menninger, SVP and research director of Ventana Research. “Our IoT Benchmark Research shows that only 29% of organizations are modeling their event patterns. CAT’s impressive use of Pentaho for big data and predictive maintenance analytics highlights the massive economic potential available through the innovative application of these techniques, and is one of the reasons they were selected for the 2016 Technology Leadership Award.”