California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) announces the preliminary release of its new MeshConnect™ B1010 series of Bluetooth® Smart Mini Modules.  As pin-compatible extensions to CEL’s leading line of ZigBee® and Thread products, these new devices allow designers to easily transition between multiple wireless networking standards via drop-in compatible module hardware.  The use of swappable hardware provides significant ‘technology agility’ where users can quickly adapt to the volatile market trends in the IoT space.  Regardless of which technology gains favor – be it ZigBee®, Thread or Bluetooth® –  CEL’s customers will be able to future-proof their hardware to account for evolving technology dominance.

Based on the industry-leading CSR1010 IC from Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), these new  modules eliminate design risk and significantly reduce time-to-market for Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless solutions, including programs which utilize the innovative CSRmesh™ protocol.  CEL will offer a variant of the B1010 series which will be pre-loaded with the Powered by Avi-on™ firmware running on the CSRmesh™ protocol, enabling immediate compatibility with Avi-on’s popular turnkey lighting platform, Simple Bluetooth Controls.

The B1010 series is also compatible with CEL’s award-winning MeshWorks™ platform.  By employing MeshWorks™, users can quickly and easily program the B1010 for standard (i.e. non-CSRmesh™) Bluetooth® Smart applications using simple Python-based scripts.

The B1010 series offers a best-in-class RF range of 50m to 100m, facilitated by the device’s built-in antenna and optimized RF design.  Each module is 100% RF tested, and comes pre-certified for FCC, IC, and Bluetooth® compliance.

The addition of this line of Bluetooth® modules facilitates new ways for CEL’s customers to connect a smartphone, tablet or any other BLE 4.x device to network environments within the Connected Home, Lighting, Building Automation, Industrial, and other IoT markets.

The key benefits are as follows:

  • Achieve Technology Agility with Swappable Modules
    • Quickly adapt to volatile market trends in technology (ZigBee® vs. Thread vs. BLE)
    • Future-proof hardware designs for evolving technology dominance
  • Seize the First Mover Advantage
    • Variants pre-loaded with the Powered by Avi-on platform firmware
    • Rapidly Prototype with Award-Winning MeshWorks SDK Tools
    • Bypass the complications associated with RF Design & Test
    • Avoid endless rounds of FCC/IC/Bluetooth testing (modules are all pre-certified)
  • Stand Apart with Best-in-Class RF Range (50-100m)


Samples of CEL’s MeshConnect™ B1010 Mini Modules are now available. In addition, CEL offers a variant of CSR’s μEnergy® Starter Development Kit which has been outfitted to support the B1010SP0-1 module. This kit enables the rapid development of Bluetooth® Smart applications by including reference software for Bluetooth® profiles and examples of smartphone apps.  Please visit for more information.

About CEL

CEL designs and manufactures the MeshWorks™ and MeshConnect™ lines of IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® Smart professional grade wireless solutions and participates in the ZigBee® Alliance, Thread Group and Bluetooth® SIG. CEL is ideally positioned to provide its customers with hardware and software products that greatly simplify design and reduce time to market.

CEL provides engineering and applications assistance at its technical centers in Santa Clara, CA, Wauconda, IL (near Chicago) and its new location in Boulder, CO. The company supports customers through sales offices, sales representatives and distributors in numerous locations.