In this Age of the Customer and Internet of Things, the need to develop deeper customer insight, including customer intent, is compelling forward-thinking organisations to look at new data sources. Increasing consumer mobility and heightened customer expectations of fast, personalised communications, coupled with the threat of disruptive new industry entrants, are driving organisations along this path at considerable speed.

An innovator in customer digital data capture and delivery, Celebrus Technologies is enabling their clients to get this deep insight with two key product enhancements in the latest version of their Version 8 Big Data Engine, Update 15. Available now, Celebrus now makes it possible to capture and deliver card payment data directly into its real-time event stream, leveraging Celebrus’ abilities to deliver actionable data into the warehouse or discovery platform within 60 seconds of the transaction, or at real-time into a decisioning engine. In addition, new APIs within Celebrus’ traditional website and mobile app data collectors enable clients to easily collect broader data types from their mobile and website apps, all within the customer journey context.

Through capturing card payment data, Celebrus enables organisations to send highly personalised messages to individual customers based on their most recent purchase, for example offering a loan if someone has just hit their credit card or overdraft limit. It also enables the sending of location-driven offers based on the merchant code location data gathered, for example coupons for nearby partner stores.

Delivering card payment data into a central customer centric warehouse makes it available more widely across the business, helping break down the internal silos which still exist across many businesses. This breaching of internal barriers can improve business efficiencies, optimise the revenue from each customer and enhance the omnichannel customer experience.

Lincoln Goldspink, CTO Celebrus Technologies says “as organisations develop increasingly sophisticated apps, their desire to collect that data and feed it into each individual’s customer profile becomes more important. The new JSON API enables our clients to capture broader sources of mobile and website app data, such as beacon or geo-fence data, in the same way that they currently access other customer digital data.”

For organisations looking to turn their customers increasing mobility into a competitive advantage and meet heightened consumer expectations of fast, personalised communications, these new data sources powered by Celebrus will speed their journey along this path.

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