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CENTRI, a provider of enterprise data protection solutions, announced it will be sharing insights and demonstrating CENTRI Secure for Developers at the IoT Evolution Expo 2016, July 11-14, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV.

Located in booth #407, CENTRI provides a complete data protection platform superior to SSL/TLS for developers looking secure their data within IoT applications, services and endpoints either in motion or at rest. The live demonstrations of CENTRI Secure for Developers on sensor-based hardware will show the IoT-readiness of the solution:

  • Patented “vault-less” key encryption for data at rest that eliminates the need for a Hardware Security Module or a key vault management system
  • Superior security versus SSL/TLS for data in motion as clear text is not exposed
  • One RTT with single pass compression and encryption that is up to 10 times faster
  • Lower costs on additional infrastructure with data optimization of up to 80% compression
  • Internet of Things ready solution with less than one percent CPU usage

In addition, CENTRI is empowering developers to declare their independence from SSL/TLS by offering a free full-working download of CENTRI Secure for Developers for two concurrent connections at   This trial enables developers to test the ease and simplicity of replacing SSL/TLS with CENTRI and to validate the strength and compatibility of the software on a smaller scale before implementing more broadly.

“IoT developers need to get their solutions to market faster with a completely secure, but easily integrated security platform,” said Vaughan Emery, CEO and President of CENTRI.  “Legacy standards such as SSL/TLS are incomplete, can expose their data and increase the eventual cost and risk associated with data breaches and compromised IoT services.  CENTRI provides an end-to-end data protection solution for enterprise and IoT developers which is more secure, more resource efficient and scales for IoT, where alternative open source technologies fall short and are simply not suitable.”

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