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CENTRI, a provider of advanced security for the Internet of Things, has announced it will showcase the CENTRI IoT Security platform, IoTAS at the Sensors Midwest event, September 27-28, at The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.

Located in booth #608, CENTRI looks to revolutionize IoT security with the IoTAS platform that is more complete and purpose-built for the industry to empower companies to roll out secure IoT solutions faster than before.  Do-it-yourself open source tools or other proprietary options often fail to meet IoT requirements of low software footprint, more uptime of devices and complete protection of all data and equipment.  IoTAS secures all IoT data in motion or at rest with patented software technology while authenticating all devices and equipment. The live demonstrations of CENTRI IoTAS on sensor-based hardware will outline the IoT-readiness of the solution:

  • Complete Security – IoTAS secures IoT data in transit and at rest. SSL/TLS only provides in transit security.
  • Data Integrity – IoTAS never sends a single byte in the clear and works with a trusted endpoint-server model to authenticate all devices.
  • Speed and Efficiency – IoTAS provides faster encryption and optimization – in a single pass of the data. Develop using 50% less calls resulting in twice the efficiency. IoTAS completes the connection handshake 50 times faster.
  • Simplified Key Vault Management – IoTAS protects data at rest and features patented “vault-less” technology to remove the key vault management hassle and expense.
  • Developer-Centric Experience – Unlike open source tools, IoTAS comes pre-configured for faster integration to your endpoints, applications and Cloud. Reduces internal development time from months to days.
  • Mission-Critical Uptime – Because IoTAS operates in cache memory it delivers up to 30% more uptime for battery-powered devices versus alternative encryption solutions which drain CPU processors and battery life.
  • Handling the Data Spike – The increase in data traffic from IoT squeezes networks and Cloud storage. IoTAS compresses the data up to 80% to save bandwidth and Cloud storage costs.

Grant Asplund, CENTRI’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development will discuss why the IoT needs a new kind of security in this solo presentation:

Waiting for the Sh-IoT to Hit the Fan: Why Hackers Love Data and Devices Everywhere
Room – Theater 3
Wednesday, September 28, 2016:  10:00 – 10:30 a.m. Central Time

“Companies developing IoT devices and applications should be spending more time innovating and less time securing their offering with a completely secure, but easily integrated IoT security platform,” said Vaughan Emery, CEO and President of CENTRI.  “The IoTAS platform offers simplicity for engineers to implement security without being experts and peace of mind for companies and customers that their IoT data and devices are 100% protected.”

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