Smartvue IoT Video

At CES 2017, Smartvue Corporation, provider of IoT video micro services, announced its next generation of security upgrades.

“The integrity of enterprise software services starts and ends with security as every customer expects their video to remain private and secure,” said Lipphei Adam, CTO of Smartvue Corporation. “We continue to expand the IoT security features around our platform to reinforce that confidence.”

The company announced a new suite of features to prevent and minimize DDoS attacks, deter other IoT focused hacks, and improve overall platform security. These include updated realtime monitoring and improved automated services scaling along with advanced rate limiting systems and seven other new features. To address common camera hacks Smartvue is also expanding its services to support rotating and unique strong passwords and the latest in cryptography and SSL support along with improved authentication solutions.

“For 16 years our mission has been to make the world a safer place,” said Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation. “We have a strong commitment to our global partners to continue to release new technologies that insure the security of IoT video devices for applications ranging from residential home security to commercial and industrial surveillance.”

Smartvue enables IoT device manufacturers to generate revenue from video services faster, at less cost and less risk. Smartvue is available in 140 countries worldwide and the service currently uploads more than 42 million minutes of video every day.

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