To highlight future towns and lifestyles enabled through the company’s unique technologies and collaborations with partner companies, Panasonic’s CES 2017 booth has three zones:

  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Entertainment
  • Smart Home

In addition to the three zones, Panasonic’s innovation initiatives are on display at the Future Tech Lab. Visitors can also experience the latest Technics audio products in a dedicated section. Finally, Panasonic is hosting Panasonic Live @ CES2017, which features social influencers live from the show floor providing exclusive looks at the company’s latest technologies and ideas.

1. Smart Mobility

Panasonic introduces initiatives from its CityNOW project launched in Denver, Colorado. It includes a Smart Mobility section that highlights Panasonic’s unique technologies connecting people, towns, road and air transport using the latest and prototype in-car infotainment systems and in-flight entertainment systems. Also on display: Panasonic innovations that reduce the environmental impact of transportation.


V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Road Communication)
V2X communication systems aim to establish an efficient traffic management system and prevent accidents by connecting vehicles to everything (X) including other vehicles and infrastructure including traffic signals and road signs. Using videos and dioramas, Panasonic illustrates its V2X technologies to prevent accidents and reduce traffic congestion.

Smart LED Streetlights

Smart LED Streetlights are WiFi-connected lamp posts mounted with security cameras, sensors or other devices. Panasonic takes advantage of its Internet of Things (IoT) platform to ensure safe and secure living as well as expanding the potential for new services that a smart town can offer by utilizing data collected through lamp post sensors.

Smart Bus Stops

Panasonic’s Smart Bus Stop technology combines solar power generation, security cameras and an LCD screen supporting LinkRay light communication technology. Demonstrations show examples of information on display at a Smart Bus Stop, such as a bus’s proximity and transfer options.

Smart Parking Meters

Panasonic’s image analysis tech helps a Smart Parking Meter recognize license plates, detect vacant parking spaces, give directions to a driver seeking an open spot and handle parking fee charging.

Command & Control platform

This solution envisions a centralized control center that manages all data from security systems equipped with a 360-degree view surveillance camera, Smart LED Streetlights, Smart Bus Stops and Smart Parking Meters.

Green Mobility

This corner offers a glimpse at Panasonic’s collaboration on lithium-ion batteries with partners promoting the use of sustainable energy. Examples include tie-ups with Tesla Motors and Taiwanese electric scooter manufacturer Gogoro.

Connected Vehicles

Next-Generation Cockpit (Concept)

Here, visitors can see projects Panasonic is developing with auto manufacturers. Looking to the future, video presentations introduce concepts and technologies focused on smart mobility and next-generation in-car technologies such as facial recognition, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and vehicle-to-store connectivity.

Driverless Car Interior (Concept)

Panasonic proposes the interior design ideal for driverless cars for around 2025, when the era of fully-autonomous vehicles is anticipated. The interior technology of the future car includes one that allows for face-to-face seating, like a moving lounge.

Premium Audio

Panasonic presents examples of its high-quality in-car audio solutions including the Fender Premium Audio System, developed jointly with Fender Musical Instrument Corp., and the ELS Studio Premium Audio System, developed jointly with music producer Elliot Scheiner.

4th Generation Uconnect Infotainment System

This is Panasonic’s latest Uconnect-compatible infotainment system capable of connecting with smartphones via Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. The system boasts quick start-up and a responsive 8.4-inch touchscreen.

Android In-Car Infotainment System

Panasonic unveils its next-gen infotainment system based on Android. It offers optimum display and operation of many different apps regardless of screen size and resolution. The booth demonstration shows how the next-gen system controls air conditioning.

Connected Aircraft

First Class Cabin (Concept)

In this section, visitors can check out concept models of comfortable aircraft cabins of the near future, including in-flight entertainment systems equipped with 4K display screens, table decorations using projection technology, touch-controllable menus, and seats designed for flexible use.

Connected Flight Operations

Panasonic is also exhibiting services enabled by connecting aircraft with the ground via the Internet. Examples include flight monitoring, maintenance reports and in-flight entertainment system updates.

Connected Passenger Experience

Panasonic introduces its app for airline passengers, which is developed using an open application programming interface (API) to make it customizable for each airline. The app allows a passenger’s mobile device to sync with the in-flight network, enabling passengers to select movies using the dedicated app.

2. Smart Entertainment

In this area, Panasonic introduces solutions that take the stadium experience to a new level of enjoyment and interaction.

Connected Stadium

Check out a stadium’s concession stands, corridor and VIP box with next-gen ways of interacting. The demonstration here shows how digital signage displays in the stadium can work in sync to add excitement to the games. When the home team scores a goal, for example, images of the winning moment appear on the all displays. Operators can use the system to promote a limited-time sale on all screens, and give guests a chance to obtain and redeem coupons using their smartphones.


Panasonic’s Ballooncam combines a drone with a large balloon for a unique video platform. The Ballooncam can be used to enhance the experience at sports games and other stadium events. In the booth demonstration, videos shot by a 360-degree camera at the bottom of the balloon are projected to the floating Ballooncam in real time.


LinkRay-equipped LCD Displays

These LCD displays support Panasonic’s LinkRay light ID communication technology. Users can download a range of info instantaneously by pointing their mobile device at the screens.

Transparent Screens

This technology turns a clear shop window into high-quality digital signage showing images and information. Visitors can experience how this transparent screen technology can be used to send shoppers data about products relevant to the information they downloaded using Panasonic’s LinkRay light ID tool.

Refrigerated Display Cases

Hussmann refrigerated display cases, designed to give food retailers new ways to gain a competitive edge, are a visual representation of Panasonic’s strategy to expand its products and services in the food retail industry. Panasonic acquired Hussmann in 2016.


Flag Mapping

Projection mapping tech is used to project images onto flags and ceiling-hung banners. The dynamic effect of visuals on moving fabric provides an exciting new signage option.

VIP Boxes

Window Augmented Reality Projection

See how transparent film attached to a windowpane can serve as signage to show images. At stadiums, Window Augmented Reality Projection can be used to enhance the viewing experience by showing player stats and high-impact video footage.

3. Smart Home

Panasonic showcases “future lifestyles with connected appliances,” in a kitchen packed with state-of-the-art appliances and demonstrations of its latest home appliances.

Better Living Tomorrow

The concept here is “lifestyles we all desire” three to five years in the future. Panasonic reveals an interactive living environment to reflect individual preferences and catering to individual needs and tastes. The area shows a lifestyle enriched by connected appliances and services.

In/Visible Library, Glass Curtain

See how transparent displays at first invisible as part of the home’s interior, can turn into a visible display with useful information. A glass door of a closet or a large window overlooking the garden becomes a screen showing images. Booth demonstrations show how this transparent display can be used at the kitchen, when a chef appears on the display to give cooking instructions to a user in need of help.

Sake & Wine Cellar

Ideal storage conditions for wine and sake are different. Panasonic’s Sake & Wine Cellar has independent temperature and humidity settings for individual shelves, making it possible to store different drinks in their ideal conditions in the same unit. Moreover, the door with a transparent display shows details of each bottle stored inside and reveals complementary food recipes.

New-Concept Flat-Top Cooker

The Flat-Top Cooker represents a new concept in household appliances. It is a tabletop cooker, adapting microwave technology. Preparation is easy: Arrange the ingredients on a plate, and put the plate on the cooker embedded in the table. There is no need for pots or pans. Food is prepared in front of those gathered, and served fresh and hot.

Freestyle Induction Heating Cooker

This new built-in induction-heating cooker looks like an ordinary counter top. The cooker detects the presence of the pots anywhere on the counter top and automatically heats up only the areas under the pots, freeing up space for other uses. Working in sync with other connected devices, the cooker automatically adjusts heat and cooking time.

Range Hood with Sensor and Camera

This range hood uses image recognition technology to monitor cooking progress. Data from the camera is used to regulate the Induction Heating cooker. It also can keep records of meals and amass data for health management purposes.

Smart & Healthy Lifestyle

Domestic Appliances

NU-HX100S Counter Top Induction Oven

With the induction heater able to rapidly raise food temperature, this oven prepares foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Eliminating the need for pre-heating, the Counter Top Induction Oven comes with pre-programmed auto menus that ensure optimal results at the touch of a button. Cooking demonstrations are taking place at the Panasonic booth.

DV-SJCX Soft Down Kitchen Cabinet System

From its line-up of household storage products sold in Canada, Panasonic exhibits this easy-down and easy-up kitchen storage system that allows you to reach items in high places with ease.

Personal Care

Visitors can try out Panasonic’s personal care products available in North America, including the EH-NA65 Nanoe Hair Dryer, the EH-XC10 Facial Cleansing Device, the EH-SA31 Facial Steamer, the ES-LV9N Five-blade Shaver.

Digital AV

TX-65EZ1000 65-inch 4K OLED TV

Panasonic unveils its new HDR-capable 4K OLED TV due for European release in June 2017. The TH-EZ1000 is around twice as bright as previous OLED models and covers virtually the entire spectrum of colors specified by the Digital Cinema Initiatives for its DCI Color Space. Driven by a Studio Color HCX2 processor, the latest high-spec image processing engine, this model offers high-fidelity image color. It also features Technics Dynamic Blade speakers for incredible sound.

Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

Panasonic’ exhibits the DMP-UB900 and DMP-UB700 premium Ultra HD Blu-ray players, which have received rave reviews in Japan and Europe, alongside two new volume-market models slated for European release in April 2017: the DMP-UB400 and UB300, which feature the 4K high-quality playback and high-resolution audio functionality of the UB900. These models offer easy operation to enjoy 4K VOD content.

Home Monitoring System

Panasonic uses the 1.9GHz DECT standard for communication between its HUB unit and security cameras, window and motion sensors. These home monitoring devices require no complicated wiring or settings to install, and the operating costs are affordable. New HUB units for the North American market can be connected to a ventilation fan to maintain air quality.

4. Future Tech Lab

Panasonic introduces seven new technologies on a fast-track to development and commercialization in collaboration with partners.

Desktop Companion Robot

This proof of concept desktop “companion robot” uses servo control technology for smooth, human-like dexterity. Its ability to learn new movements, as well as an artificial intelligence-based natural language processing technology, make this robot a delightful communicator.

Smart Table

This information terminal concept uses IoT technology to show data from networked home appliances and devices in an attractive LED display built into the table.

Head-Mounted Display

This wearable device allows you to immerse yourself in the virtual reality environment with a wide 220-degree field of view.

Voice-Based Multi-Language Translation System

Tablet type automatic translation system can collect sound even under noisy conditions using Panasonic’s proprietary sound unidirectional collecting technology is the featured attraction in this section of the booth. Demonstrations center on tablet translations from English into Japanese and Chinese.

Compact Secondary Batteries for IoT and Wearable Devices

Panasonic will exhibit its flexible lithium-ion battery, which maintains its performance even after repeated bending and twisting. Also on display: Panasonic’s ultra-compact pin-type lithium-ion battery, which provides greater freedom for the design of wearable devices.


Panasonic teams up with Cerevo Co. Ltd. to present Listnr, a compact IoT device, developed from the concept of “emotions become colors.” When a baby’s voice is picked up by the microphone, Listnr is able to differentiate four different categories of sound – crying, laughing, growling and babbling – visualize them with colors and send notifications to designated smartphones.

Motion Sensing Unit

Combining a 6-axis sensor (a 3-axis gyro-sensor and a 3-axis speed sensor) and micro-processor with pre-programmed algorithms, this unit can control a robot’s orientation and autonomous movement.

5. Technics

Here visitors can find the expanded line-up of the Technics Grand Class audio products delivering uncompromising sound quality and listenability. New Technics speakers, amplifiers and turntables are scheduled for release in 2017. Panasonic is also announcing its partnership with the world-famous Abbey Road Studios of London. In addition, visitors can sample the sound of Technics technology in Panasonic’s listening suite at the Venetian Hotel (29th floor, 111/115).

New Products

SL-1200GR Direct-Drive Turntable System

The SL-1200G has revived the legendary SL-1200 turntable with a new design that has redefined the direct-drive mechanism. While respecting the original design principles, the SL-1200GR has a newly developed coreless direct motor, with every component and material re-examined. This is a remarkable turntable that delivers the rich tones of analog records.

SB-G90 Speaker System

Adopting the Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture (BDMA) to remove unnecessary vibration, the SB-G90 not only minimizes distortion but also provides the benefits of a point-source system with linear-phase from the midrange to higher frequencies in succeeding the design concept of the Technics Reference Class. Also with a newly designed Long Stroke Woofer, the SB-G90 reproduces low frequencies with powerful and dynamic bass response.

SU-G700 Stereo Integrated Amp

The SU-G700 incorporates the technical concepts of the Reference Class such as fully digital JENO Engine amps and LAPC for optimal impulse response. Featuring a three-section structure with separate circuits for signals according to their strength, and minimal inter-circuit interference, this amp offers rich, clear sound. Furthermore, it was designed paying attention to every detail, including the iconic Technics volume unit meters and machined aluminum volume knobs.

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