seek thermal

Seek Thermal is at CES 2018 to showcase the company’s thermal imaging technology and demonstrate a concept designed specifically for IoT. As the world around us becomes “smarter,” Seek Thermal sensors can provide an unparalleled advantage in the collection and analysis of data for preventative maintenance across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, transportation, smart grids, smart buildings and more.

In addition, Seek Thermal has released a new white paper, Finding the Signal in the Noise. The paper expands on the subject of how thermal data is poised to help companies target impending equipment failures with less downtime to ultimately improve reliability, save time and money and ultimately make environments safer.

Seek Thermal’s Tim LeBeau recently brought the white paper to life in a presentation at IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara, CA on “Finding the Signal in the Noise: Thermal Sensor’s Role in Making Smarter Buildings, Grids, Vehicles and More”. The session delved into the world of data and how access to real-time temperatures of machines, grids, motors, conveyor belts, even trains or trucks, will re-define predictive and preventive maintenance by reducing cost, time, and workplace injuries.

“Companies lose tens of millions of dollars per year in maintenance costs. Some companies manage their assets better than others, but the basic truth is, the longer it takes them to repair devices after they fail, the more it will cost,” said Tim LeBeau. “Thermal sensors have the potential to break that mold and offer businesses a proactive approach to maintenance, one that is preventive rather than reactive. With its ability to monitor unlikely spaces and to pick up wear and tear within devices before they malfunction, thermal sensors provide companies with a competitive advantage unlike any other.”