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Home8, the premier video-verified monitoring and alarm company offering event-video and direct emergency notification for prioritized response and utmost peace of mind, will showcase its ‘in-a-box systems’ at CES 2017 in the Sands Expo, Booth #40972, Smart Home Marketplace, in Las Vegas.

Affordable and easily installed in minutes, Home8 collaborative alarm system is more accurate and responsive than the traditional call center-based alarm service. Powered by MivaTek’s advanced “system of smart IoT systems” platform, Home8 integrates video-verified Security, Safety, Surveillance/Alarm, Control/Automation, and Healthcare services, including video-integrated medication adherence, inactivity and activity alarm, and indoor/outdoor fall and panic alert assistance. The MivaTek platform not only forms the foundation of an advanced video-verified collaborative monitoring alarm system, it also offers myriad end-user applications well beyond the scope of any traditional alarm service.

Home8’s direct emergency notification capability, combined with video-verified evidence, guarantees prioritized responses from law enforcement, fire/rescue, or medical personnel for the utmost peace of mind.

The Home8 system can be expanded in four ways: Users (such as family members, caregivers, law enforcement, etc.); Locations (such as vacation homes); Domain / Function (such as your business or automobile); and Devices. What’s more, the system will accommodate devices based on multiple home control protocols, including Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth.

Home8 capitalizes on two growing trends within the security industry: video verification and self-monitoring alarm systems. “Years ago, we learned that a CMS call without evidence receives a discretionary response because 98% of the calls are false alarms,” said Joe Liu, CEO of Home8. “It motivated us to integrate sensors, IP cameras, storage, and hubs seamlessly into a virtual private network under one Unified-IoT™ cloud-app platform for mobile interactive, video-verified alarm, prioritized emergency response, and zero false alarm peace of mind protection.”

The self-monitoring trend has picked up steam in recent years. In 2015, self-monitored systems comprised 2.3% of the market; research projections from Citi Research estimate that self-installed and monitored systems will control 34% of the market in five years. A major advantage is cost: With self-monitoring the homeowner does not pay a monthly fee to a monitoring service, which can be anywhere from $20 – $100 per month. What’s more, self-monitored systems bring greater control to the system owner, as he or she is now responsible for making the decision on whether to call law enforcement.

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