One2Touch, a global innovator in NFC-powered continuous communication products, demonstrates the innovative capabilities of its Near Field Communication (NFC) platform for mobile accessories, toys and wearables at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, January 5-8.

By leveraging the O2T NFC platform’s “tap-and-stay” capability, mobile accessories (such as keyboards), toys, games and wearables can be manufactured without a need for batteries or charging, enabling seamless integration of personal smart devices to a user’s physical world. The result is a wide range of exciting IoT applications that consumers can continue to enjoy over an extended period of time. For example, the Samsung Demo is a Star Wars-themed game featuring Yoda, Luke and Darth Vader figurines. The user can interact with one common game through three “stations”:

  • Proximity sensors in fabrics
  • LEGO gaming portal: transferring the physical figurines into the game
  • LEGO sensor hub: interact with the game through color sensor, rotation senor and push buttons on a LEGO vehicle

“At One2Touch, our vision is to push the boundaries of NFC technology and enable consumers to use NFC in their everyday lives to do so much more than mobile payments,” said Nils Knagenhjelm, VP Strategic Alliances, One2Touch. “With the exploding internet of things market, we’re excited about the potential of NFC’s ability to simply and seamlessly connect and communicate as long as the consumer wants, making billions of devices and accessories smarter (and more enjoyable!). Stay tuned for more exciting NFC adaptions powered by One2Touch coming soon.”

Where to see One2Touch’s NFC Continuous Communications Platform in action at CES 2017

  • Samsung LSI, Encore Ballroom: Demonstrations will feature a few exploration projects in collaboration with LEGO’s product technology department and AiQ, a leading smart clothing provider.
  • AiQ Smart Clothing, Booth: Wearables Marketplace, Sands, Halls A-D – 45533.

One2Touch NFC Continuous Communications Platform for Plug & Play

One2Touch has created an innovative NFC-based technology platform engineered for seamless, secure and continuous communications between main/hub devices and accessories. Based on power harvesting and One2Touch’s protocol stack for continuous communication, mobile devices and accessories can both connect and communicate via NFC.

  • Instant communication, no pairing
  • No need for batteries or charging
  • Immediate and secure data transfer

One2Touch is an embedded hardware and software engineering services company working to shape the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M through Near Field Communication (NFC) products. With headquarters and R&D facilities in Norway, we enable NFC devices beyond payment, for tap-and-stay communications. Our technology vision calls for bridging the digital and physical worlds in consumer electronics, gaming, toys, wearables, smart furniture and industrial applications. We are currently evaluating strategic partners who align with our vision of NFC for tap-and-go communications.

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