Smart Socks
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Sensoria, a world leader in truly wearable smart garment technology, announces its new smart socks, Sensoria Sock 2.0. The upgraded, ultra-light sock, which detects crucial core metrics, including cadence, foot landing and impact forces exerted by the runner, is debuting at the 2017 CES Show in Las Vegas.

“Sensoria Core technology not only measures how far and how fast you run, but more importantly how well you run,” said Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria. “We’ve received great, constructive feedback on our current smart sock and are proud to offer an upgraded version that not only has improved comfort and breathability, but also offers more precise metrics to athletes who want to take their running to the next level.”

The new smart socks are made of antibacterial, anti-blistering and sweat wicking material and are two times lighter than Sensoria’s current smart socks. In addition, Sensoria Sock 2.0’s upgraded textile pressure sensors are now better protected from sweat and water, making them more reliable and accurate than ever before. Once connected to the new Sensoria Run 2.0 app for iOS, runners receive actionable information from Sensoria’s artificial intelligence coach, Mara, on how to run farther, faster and healthier. The socks are also compatible with the Sensoria Web Dashboard v2.0, which features a virtual shoe closet that compares more than 8,000 models of running shoes and alerts users when it’s time to invest in a new pair.

Sensoria Core is an innovative, non-mission specific microelectronic component, weighing less than half an ounce and measuring less than one square inch. Compared to the Sensoria Fitness anklet, which accompanies the current smart socks, Sensoria Core is four time smaller and has double the battery life. The technology connects to Sensoria Sock 2.0’s three proprietary textile pressure sensors embedded under the plantar area of the sock. From there, Sensoria Core measures impact, pace, speed, cadence, foot landing technique and GPS track. Sensoria Sock 2.0 can also stream data in real-time and store distance running statistics for more than a month, allowing users to exercise without their smartphone.

Sensoria Core is a key component of the new Sensoria Development Kit which allows developers to leverage the same powerful technology platform for scenarios that go far beyond running. Race car pilots are true athletes and most recently, Sensoria partnered with Renault Sport to sync its smart upper garments with Renault’s Sport Motor app to help race car pilots track their heart rate both during the race and training.

“We have leveraged the Sensoria Developer Kit, tested the Sensoria Sock 2.0 and we are already using it to learn more about how a race car pilot moves his feet on the pedals. We are happy to showcase this implementation at CES in the Sensoria booth,” says Pierre Delaigue, Innovation Projects Manager for Renault Innovation Silicon Valley. 

Sensoria Core features best of breed, ultra-low power system-on-chip, storage, the ability to connect to multiple footwear and garment embedded sensors and boasts a 9-axis MEMS sensor. Sensoria Core is also easily transferrable to work with Sensoria’s new VIVOBAREFOOT smart shoes. By simply unplugging Sensoria Core from the Sensoria Sock 2.0, users are able to snap the device onto their new smart shoe.

Preorders for the Sensoria Sock 2.0 will soon be available for $199. This includes Sensoria Core, a dedicated USB charger and a pair of smart socks. A monthly subscription is also offered, which includes delivery of fresh smart socks during the year, access to a new web dashboard and Sensoria Run 2.0 app training plans.

Sensoria Sock 2.0 will be available for preview at CES 2017 starting Jan. 5th 2017 at the Sensoria booth number 44930, located at the Sands Expo in Tech West. The new product will be available to consumers later in 2017.

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