Argus, Inc. unveiled a new report highlighting the challenges consumers are facing throughout the Smart Home customer journey.

According to the report, consumers are experiencing challenges in the purchase, installation, configuration and support process for Smart Home devices and systems. The analysis of online consumer sentiment uncovered the following insights:

  • Returns: Even before purchasing connected devices, consumers are already expressing concerns about having to return products or being able to install and configure devices before the return date expires.
  • Support: Poor support experience with other consumer electronics devices in the past is causing consumers to delay purchases of new Smart Home devices or systems until the need has become essential (e.g. home safety or security system).
  • Services: While consumers want to purchase and install Smart Home systems on their own, they are strongly considering professional services for installation, despite the additional cost.
  • Connectivity: DIY (do-it-yourself) consumers expect immediate gratification from their newly purchased connected devices, but often encounter connectivity issues.

The report, “Smart Home Trends for 2016 – An Analysis of Consumer Sentiment,” is based on research conducted by Argus Insights for It is derived from an analysis of more than 113,000 consumer online reviews and social media conversations on the topic of Smart Homes and home automation occurring in the past two years.

In June, 2015, Argus Insights reported that the percentage change in consumer demand for connected home devices such as thermostats, light bulbs, locks, sensors and cameras was dropping on a year over year basis. This new report, “Smart Home Trends for 2016 – An Analysis of Consumer Sentiment,” explores the specific reasons behind this, identifying key challenges consumers face at different points throughout the customer journey, from pre-purchase considerations all the way to post-purchase support.

“Although consumer awareness and interest in Smart Home devices and systems is growing, issues with onboarding, installation and support are creating roadblocks for rapid adoption,” said Alex Poulos, VP of Marketing at “This analysis demonstrates the imperative for brands to proactively address the overall customer experience, including overcoming poor past consumer electronics experiences. These steps are necessary to meet consumers’ expectations in the short term and build and protect brand loyalty over the long term.”

To learn about additional insights from Smart Home sentiment around customer experience and adoption, download the full report here:

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