Chigo Group

Ayla Networks, a global Internet of things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, announced that its IoT platform is behind the intelligence of Chigo air conditioners poised to enter the European and U.S. markets.

“Air conditioning systems have undergone tremendous innovation since the Persians in 1000 B.C. used ceiling poles, cool water and natural wind to help people stay cool indoors in hot weather,” said Xuehui Chen, Chigo general manager of the Americas for Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co. Ltd., one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of air conditioners. “Using the Ayla IoT platform, Chigo is pleased to continue this tradition of air-conditioning innovation with our intelligent cloud-based air conditioners.”

“Chigo has fully embraced the potential of IoT technology, incorporating Ayla IoT cloud technology into its intelligent air conditioners,” said Phillip Chang, co-founder, vice president and general manager of Greater China for Ayla Networks. “By building products on the Ayla IoT platform, companies like Chigo can design and launch connected products that not only deliver real value to customers now, but that will stay up-to-date with changing technologies to remain relevant to future markets, as well.”

Chigo is also taking advantage of Ayla’s global operations- with IoT cloud networks in North America, Europe and China – to expand beyond its base in China to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) markets overseas. Because the Ayla IoT cloud uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, Chigo’s products run on AWS and automatically benefit from the cloud infrastructure’s high availability and strong security.