A new wearable child locator device will launch next month enabling parents to safely give their children some of the freedom they crave. The Child Angel solution uses cutting edge machine-to-machine (M2M) and embedded processor technology from Arkessa and Intel to deliver highly accurate location readings securely to the parents’ smartphones maintaining parental peace of mind in the process.

Child Angel™ is one of the smallest and most advanced child locator devices available in the world today. Safe and reliable location monitoring is provided by combining GPS, Wi-Fi hotspot triangulation and M2M cellular technologies. The partnership with Arkessa provides Child Angel with a secure and reliable means of connecting devices to their cloud services over cellular M2M networks.

As well as using Arkessa’s platforms, Child Angel selected the Arkessa Connect M2M roaming product for its significantly increased global coverage and first-time connect reliability compared to any single network offering.

Andrew Purcell, Child Angel Founder said, “Working with Intel and Arkessa has accelerated our development and go-to-market plans. Both partners have been vital in creating a product strategy and roll-out plan with global scale. This adds to the value-proposition of Child Angel in a very significant way.”

Andrew Orrock, Arkessa CEO added: “Arkessa are very excited to have been selected alongside Intel to complete Child Angel’s compelling solution. It is certainly an innovative new product that represents a powerful example of how IoT technology can have a positive impact on society; in this case not only improving safety but also giving parents piece of mind. The team at Child Angel have great vision and we have enjoyed working with them to provide an optimised technical solution with secure, resilient global connectivity which also preserves battery life.”

“Emerging technologies like Child Angel help showcase the amazing potential for the Internet of Things, and it is great to be working with Arkessa, one of our Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance members, on a product such as this that aims to bring peace of mind to parents and carers,” said Rod O’Shea, Director of IoT for Intel EMEA. “The Intel® Quark™ technology that powers the Child Angel was designed to enable this kind of smart, connected and low-power usage that IoT designs demand.”

Arkessa passionately believes in making it easy to connect, manage and communicate with remote devices and assets. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way that people live and organisations operate and Arkessa is at the forefront of this revolution, providing customers with world class IoT and M2M capabilities across sectors as diverse as energy, transport, retail, healthcare and wearables.

Intel and Quark are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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